Friday, July 31, 2009

Debbie Haley

We just love the Haley family. Miss Debbie and "Miss" Mark taught Lauren's Bible school class and she just took right up with them. They are just so sweet! I was thrilled when Debbie asked me to do a sign for her office door. She requested a butternut background, red lettering, and black scroll work like on a wrought iron gate. I topped it all off with a wide black satin ribbon.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special K

A "special K" in magenta and lime ordered by the super sweet Caroline Carter as a birthday gift for a friend. This one is so youthful and fun!
Wouldn't it be cool to spell out a whole name or word with letters like this? I feel a new project coming on?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flower Garden

With some paintings I spend more time on the designing process than the actual painting, but this one designed itself. That bedding is too cute and the colors go together so well. The only problem I had was choosing which flowers to use. There are tiny polka dots around the outside edge of the canvas that coordinate perfectly with the trim of the bedding. This one truly is a favorite. I can just see it hanging over baby Addison's crib.

Thank you, Mitzi. I hope it makes the perfect gift.


Carter made this list during church Sunday morning. I couldn't help but to watch over his shoulder. Sometimes I wonder about that child, and sometimes he goes and makes me proud. He is on my mind right now because he is not with me. He has gone to Philadelphia for the week with my parents. My dad is attending a nursery convention. While he is working, Carter and my mom are going to see all of the sights. He's been away before, so it's not that. I just looked at him the other day and he is getting too big...too fast.

1. God
2. Jesus
3. Mom and Dad
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Sports
7. School
8. Pets
9. Wii
10. Vacation

Monday, July 27, 2009

Corrections And A New Camera

Darlene Bryant ordered these two cuties for some recent graduates. I used bigger dots than usual on a whim, and love how they turned out. The pink and purple really pop against the black and white dotted background.
But...I made a mistake. I hate it when I do that! I don't do it very often, not because I am anywhere near perfect, but because I check my notes over and over again before and during painting. I want to be sure I've got it right. However, mistakes do happen and no one is harder on me than myself. I mixed up the pink and the purple. Yikes! The new corrected canvases are below. Thank you, Darlene, for the order and for being so patient!

In other news, my new camera is ordered and on it's way. I am so excited!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stocked Up

I have been working on some stock to have for immediate delivery and for the Autumn Street Fair. I currently have three 11x14 "Boo's" for $30.00 each and two 5x5 "Give Thanks" for $15.00 each available. Please let me know if you would like any of these to get your fall off to a great start! Remember that I also take custom orders if you would like to change to color or wording. Thank you!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Really Nice Day

Today was a really nice day. Mike had a church meeting and then went to school to work. Carter spent the day at football camp. Lauren and I had the day to ourselves so we got up and went to "Corn Day" at the farmer's market. She ate corn, blueberries, blackberries, orange pound cake, and a sausage biscuit. Needless to say, she had a ball. Everyone was so nice and just kept giving her stuff. I came home with a beautiful bouquet in a Mason jar, cucumbers, tomatoes, a pound of Roller's BBQ, and a loaf of cinnamon sourdough bread. Oh my goodness!
Afterwards, we walked the Greenway and spent a little time on the playground. I have been cleaning and painting all afternoon. I got a Swiffer Wet Jet for the first time. That thing is awesome. It's right up there with the Magic Eraser! Tonight we are meeting Mike's family in Murfreesboro for dinner and then to do some camera shopping.

Does summer have to end?

God's Handwriting

Caroline Carter ordered this special canvas with her gift certificate from this year's Junior Miss pageant. I know it is hard to tell from the pictures (I couldn't find a good angle and you already know about the camera problems), but this one is really beautiful with lots of little touches. It is pale pink with a cream fleur de lis in the background. The lettering is in metallic silver. There is also a pearl glaze over the area with her name and the fleur de lis. Whichever way you turn it, you get a little shine!
My favorite is something new ~ velvet trim. The line dividing the quote for the name is actually a tiny strip of pale pink velvet. She wanted it "vintage, French, and feminine". With this new font, gorgeous colors, and little extras, I think this meets all of those requirements.

If your last name startes with "N", check out the pretty one on this canvas. It would be perfect for a monogram!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Wedding Dress

I know, I know, I kind of cheated. I am sharing a photo of a photo. I was not really prepared to do this, but I so enjoyed clicking around and looking at everyone else and wanted to participate. I will be ready for next week's challenge of wedding have to see Emily and Ashley!
My dress was a very simple Jessica McClintock raw silk. I wanted plain and simple before plain and simple was cool. Everything in 1997 was heavily beaded. It is a one piece dress, but was made to look like a vest over a full skirt. My veil was a matching raw silk headband with tiny pearls and an elbow length veil attached.
I loved my dress. I walked in and bought it right off the rack at what is now Belk's. It was like it was there just for me. I hope Lauren wants to wear it someday.

If you want to join in the fun, too, go to Kelly's Korner and add your link to her Mr. Linky. While you are there, bounce around and check out some of the others!

Technical Difficulties

This has been a rough two days, technology wise. My lap top is not currently "speaking" to the internet. I have resorted to going upstairs to Carter's room and plugging it in directly to the wall. Kind of defeats the purpose of a lap top!
My camera has also started doing weird things. Any kind of light in the picture washes everything out. There are these grainy little lines that are driving me crazy. I dread the great camera search, but it looks like that is going to have to happen. Any suggestions or tips on which one would be greatly appreciated. Technology is either a blessing or a curse, depending on the day!
Today I am sharing the photos of my side of the office. Mike's side is still under construction. Please take into account the photo quality! You know what's going on there! We painted over a mural on pale yellow walls with a color I love called "streambed". It is kind of a gray/green and is the darkest wall color I've ever used. When I opened the paint can, Lauren looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Why would anyone paint a room that color?" To her, if it is not some varitety of pink or purple, it is not pretty. The color really made the white trim, closets, and plantation blinds show up.
I love being able to paint downstairs and keep an eye on everything. I also LOVE not having to set up and take down on the kitchen table over and over again. I can leave stuff out and close the door. I am also really happy to finally have the wall space to hang my huge paint set and brush. It just killed me to have it sitting in the attic.
Thanks for stopping by today. Now get out and enjoy this beautiful Friday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Natasha Vaughn

Natasha ordered a family canvas to give as a gift and has another one on the way for herself. She also ordered a business sign for the Smithville Jamboree. I got a little confused. She asked me to look at her blog and match that header. Her website link is listed at the bottom of all of her emails as a part of her signature. Silly me...I clicked on that and went to work. She was so nice when I delivered it that she wasn't even going to tell me. Once we got it all cleared up, I was more than happy to do her another one.

(The top one is the keeper!)
Thank you, Natasha!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sweet Home Alabama

We decided to take off for a few days on a little family adventure to Alabama. We spent two nights in Huntsville and two in Birmingham. Both cities have some really nice new things to do and places to stay. With us not wanting to spend a lot of money or time in the car, it was perfect.

At the Space and Rocket Center, we did all of the rides and simulators. As you can see, Mike and the kids crammed into one capsule to see what it was really like. The rock climbing wall was also a big hit especially with Lauren. She was actually really good.

At the McWane Science Center in Birmingham, we had a new family portrait made. Cool, huh?
After dinner at my favorite, the Cheesecake Factory, we let the kids play in the outdoor mall's interactive fountains until waaaayyyy past their bedtime. Ahhh, vacation!

Mike was taking my picture in front of this beautiful fountain and sunset because I desperately need a new photo for the blog. Guess who kept creeping closer and closer? I didn't have the heart to crop her out.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bright and Cheery

Mike came through the studio and asked, "Is that one for Mrs. Tammy? It looks like her, bright and cheery." So true. I don't know anyone as bright and cheery as Mrs. Tammy. I hope she enjoys these fun paisleys in her new home.

12x24 - $40.00

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A New Monogram

For my pickiest! I needed something for my little table in my little entryway. This one is a smaller 6x9 canvas that fits just perfectly on the wrought iron hanger. It is actually two shades of an odd green, not quite lime and not quite sage. I like it because it has a traditional feel, but is kind of quirky.

6x9 - $20.00

Friday, July 17, 2009

Aqua Dots

Cool polka dots in shades of aqua with perfectly matching ribbon. A special gift from one friend to another. Thank you so much to brand new customer Kim Driver.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Your Favorite Purse

Do you have a favorite Vera Bradley print? Nicole Crouch does! She was looking for something different for her front door that looked great for summer but could be left up all year. She also wanted her family's name. I told her to let me think about it. I saw her at church a few days later carrying this bag. That was it. I absolutely love this color combination. The wide navy satin ribbon just tops it off perfectly.

Disney Magic

Can you guess by the bows I just purchased where we are going this fall? We are over the moon with excitement. We've never done the whole week at the park thing and all of us are really looking forward to it. I am a tad overwhelmed with all of the planning that goes into it. I just don't want to miss anything! We've got the package and the princess dinner booked. Those are the big things anyway!
Click here to see more bows from All Things Girly. I love buying handmade things and telling people about good deals and high quality items. These bows are adorable and so well made. She has lots of different items and takes custom orders. She even has all of the princesses!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Andrea Freeze ordered this sweet sister quote for her two girls' shared room. She wanted it to match ones that I did with their names a while back. Click here to see them. I love this quote and the fuschia and lime together are just perfect.

11x14 - $30.00

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Scarlet Fever

It seems that I have been using a lot of red lately. Shades of red are difficult to work with. I call red the "diva" of colors. Is it weird that I have a personality created for all of the colors?
Anyway, it is hard to paint over red. If you make a mistake with red, it is near impossible to cover. On the other hand, red is sheer. Whatever you want to paint over with red shows through even after several coats.

With all of that being said, and I am sure you all wanted a lesson on the intricacies of red, it has a richness and timelessness that is surpassed by none other. People will always love red.

Thank you to Paula, Kim, and Natasha, the "divas" who ordered these three beautifully red canvases!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fall Preview

Mileah Knowles ordered a 5x5 pumpkin during the recent sale and it got me all fired up about fall. That is my absolute favorite time of the year and my favorite theme for painting. I do have to start now to keep up with orders and be ready for the Autumn Street Fair on October 3rd. I know that seems far away, but it be here before I turn around!

I took the same pumpkin and font from Mileah's and used it on a 4x12 and an 8x24. I haven't added ribbons or beads to these yet, but I already love them! That small one would be gorgeous in a fall wreath.

This is my first using my new Halloween ideas. The outside is purple on purple polka dots and the inside is black on black spiderweb. There are small orange dots in the white border. I have some really cute polka dotted and gingham ribbons ready! This one hasn't had the pencil line erased or sealed, but I couldn't wait to share it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Carter's New Room

I showed all of you some pictures of Lauren's new room (Carter's old room!) so, to be fair, here are some shots of his new upstairs room. This is the room that was Mike's office/my studio. I love this space! It it so cozy with all of the angled ceilings.
The problem was that with it being upstairs and away from everything, I never used it. I painted at the kitchen table so I could keep an eye on things. It was a good place to paint, but inconvenient.

The wall were already this color and in good shape so this is the one room that wasn't painted. I do have a new green and brown football bedding set from my new favorite place, the Land of Nod, ordered. I'm going to have to redo his jersey canvas!
I am so glad to be finished with my big summer project. It was a job, but we are all happy and I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I'll share my new studio as soon as Mike gets his side organized!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

M Is For...

...Mom, mother-in-law, Memaw, Mrs. Morgan? Actually, it is for Morgan. My mother-in-law ordered this pretty navy, sky, and cream monogram for her door. This is a beautiful font for monograms.
11x14 - $30.00

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stars and Polka Dots

I just finished this cute red and white sign for Darlene Bryant's office. I used a cool new font and wide sheer polka dotted ribbon.

I've been spending a lot of time at the ballpark lately. It should be coming to an end now that Lauren's first tee-ball season (and my first coaching stint) is over. Carter's plays again Thursday night and Friday night. His league tournament is down to five teams and we are still standing! They won by one run last night and I could have had a heart attack!