Carter's New Room

I showed all of you some pictures of Lauren's new room (Carter's old room!) so, to be fair, here are some shots of his new upstairs room. This is the room that was Mike's office/my studio. I love this space! It it so cozy with all of the angled ceilings.
The problem was that with it being upstairs and away from everything, I never used it. I painted at the kitchen table so I could keep an eye on things. It was a good place to paint, but inconvenient.

The wall were already this color and in good shape so this is the one room that wasn't painted. I do have a new green and brown football bedding set from my new favorite place, the Land of Nod, ordered. I'm going to have to redo his jersey canvas!
I am so glad to be finished with my big summer project. It was a job, but we are all happy and I feel such a sense of accomplishment. I'll share my new studio as soon as Mike gets his side organized!


LeAnne Grissom said…
Now how about coming to my house and getting started? Ha ha. You can even choose the colors for the boys room. I dare not show them this post cause I will catch grief from it. One wants a Colts room and the other a NY Gaints room. The Manning Brothers, it could not be any other way.I haven't forgot about my order. I am sorry that I haven't pick it up yet, but I am going too!!! Have a great weekend.
Alison Cummins said…
I love Carter's new room. I can't wait to see your studio, but am having a hard time imagining that Mike's side isn't organized! He is the most organized person on the planet! LOL
Hope you guys are having a blast this summer!
Unknown Mami said…
I love the room with all its nooks and crannies.