Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Stuff!

First off, I've got two really pretty Christmas canvases that are completely marked down. If you are interested, please visit my facebook page. That's the place to snatch those up!

Second, I've taken a batch of bunnies to Et Cetera! That's right, I have finally worked a bit ahead and have some things immediately available. That hasn't happened in a while and I'm pretty excited about it. This crazy weather has gotten me in the mood for spring so I painted up some bunnies. If you are not local, I am taking orders on these and can ship.

This was my first bunny order on etsy. It shipped today. Thank you so much, Dana!

Finally, I even got around to painting an extra bathroom set! This one is all done and also available at Et Cetera.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Cool Circles

Love, love, love! I tried something new with the font on the name and just love how it turned out. It looks so pretty over all of those circles.

I wish I had kept the link to the bedding photo because this is a spot on match. The chocolate brown and sage green with cream accents are all brought together in this canvas. I think it will look fabulous hanging over little Bryce's crib.
Thank you so much, Tiffany!

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This was ordered for baby Meredith's nursery. The flowers from this past order were requested along with this wording in the dotted font. This is a 10x10 canvas and costs $25.00.

I think it turned out so pretty! The little poem is so sweet and thoughtful and just perfect for a nursery. The colorful flowers are just the right background for that black wording. The hot pink ribbon tops it all off perfectly.
Simple and sweet!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Line Forms To The Left...

I know everyone is going to be wanting one of these! Tenara Martin ordered this 11x14 in her wedding colors to include in a wedding photo collage. I love that idea! i am sure that it all looks so pretty together.

She chose a line from an Avett Brothers song that is special to them. This looks really good and is perfect for this canvas, but choosing a line from your special song would make it even more personal. Thank you, Tenara! Congratulations!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sick Day

I'm at home sick today - boo. I don't mind a bit to take off with a sick child, but I absolutely hate to miss a day for myself. Same thing with going to the doctor. However, I am glad that I went and got those antibiotics started. I don't have time to be sick!
I've had these pics floating around in my photo file for a while now. I am trying to clean things out as I am lying here coughing and sniffing! I decided just to post them all once. Random, I know!

Lots of colors. Lots of different sizes. Lots of different styles. I guess that's what puts the "custom" in Dream Custom Artwork. I love painting for you all. Thank you so much for letting me!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Harveys

A large 24x24 to hang over the bed in the master bedroom. It reads, "I love you every day". So sweet!

A set of beautiful monograms of the happy couple's initials to hang on either side. These are each 16x16.

The pale blue and chocolate brown color combination is so pretty. Thank you Grant and Rachel Harvey!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

For The Laundry Room

I just finished these two canvases. They are special because no one ordered them! I squeezed in a little time to paint something that I had been wanting to try for a while now. That rarely happens!

I had seen the definition on a plaque in a magazine and thought it was cute but I wanted to make a few changes. I changed to colors, font, size, and I wanted it distressed. I guess I just used the words! One (the 16x16) was sent o the Junior Auxiliary for their annual art auction. Good luck, girls!

The other (the 14x18) is for my very own laundry room! I am so excited! I don't really have very much of my own artwork around the house. It's not that I don't want it and I have a ton of ideas, I just don't have the time. Maybe I should start making the time every once in a while!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Etsy Love

I know that Pinterest is the going thing right now, but I haven't fallen in love with it just yet. However, I do love me some etsy! I have found just about anything I've ever needed there from supplies to vintage to beautiful finished products. I get asked a lot about Lauren's clothes and that is where a lot of them come from. She is tall and thin so I like being able to send in measurements and have quality items custom made to fit properly.

My etsy shop constantly stays busy. I have made contact with buyers and other artists from all over the world that I would not have known otherwise. If you make something, I highly recommend opening up a shop! It is very easy to do!

I recently jazzed up my etsy page with some custom banners and graphics. I love this color combination and pattern. I see some inspired canvases and a blog make over in my future! Fresh Lavender Designs created these for me for only $12.00! That's a deal! Be sure to check her out!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Loves

All I can say is that you know you've got a good man when he asks for a new ironing board for Valentine's Day! Laundry is his job around the house so I was happy to get this for him. I found this beautiful set of vintage travel posted when I was cleaning out the attic. Apparently, I bought them in 2004! He got them matted and framed as his gift to me. Sorry they are all just stacked in a corner...for now! Can you tell that we have been together forever?

Today is my little sweetheart's seventh birthday! I can't believe that it has been seven years since she came into out lives. She is so sweet and smart. She really is out little princess!

I am not intentionally leaving Carter out if this post. I guess he is just a typical 10-year-old boy and Valentine's Day is just not even a blip on his radar! I did make him some heart shaped pancakes!

Here's what I was doing on Valentine's Day 2005. That Valentine's Day will never be topped! You all have great day!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Show Us Your Life - Working Moms

Today's "Show Us Your Life" from the Kelly's Korner series is featuring working moms. I think all moms are working moms! I am a teacher, both at Tennessee Tech University and Centertown Elementary School. I am also an artist. All of the artwork on this blog was hand painted by me! I love what I do and am very proud to share with you all today. You can browse the blog and use the search box to see lots more examples.

Lauren is my very soon-to-be seven year old daughter. She is such a girlie-girl and I could not be happier about that. She loves purses, shoes, and hairbows. She likes to shop, fashion, pageants, ballet, and pretty much anything that sparkles! She's my sweet girl and I just love her so much.

Carter is my ten year old son. If my daughter is a girlie-girl, my son is all boy. He and his dad are just two peas in a pod! He loves all things sports related, I mean all things. He loves to read and has this way of thinking that just blows my mind. He is so smart and sees stats and numbers totally different than I do. No matter how big he gets, he will always be my baby boy.

Carter had a recent health scare this past summer with pneumonia. He spent a week in the Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. We've never had anything like that happen before and it was sort of a game changing experience for us all. He has completely recovered.

When we are not at school, we love to travel. Every chance we get, we are going somewhere interesting. While we love to lounge by the pool and sleep late, we also like to get out and do and see whatever the area has to offer. We've done everything from zip lining to snorkeling to dune buggy racing!

We do have rules for work and play. We do fuss and fight from time to time. We do love each other, try to be kind, worship God, laugh a lot, learn a lot, and try to have fun along the way.
I am off to enjoy reading about all of the other busy working moms out there! thanks so much for visiting today!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I was walking through JoAnn's (love that place!) and this big bag of assorted buttons caught my eye. I didn't really have a plan for them, but I stuck them in my cart. A couple of days later, my mother-in-law was telling me about how she is redoing her basement into a sewing room. Inspiration struck.

Button monograms. Perfect for craft and sewing rooms if you happen to have one. They are also perfect for anyone's front door or just about anywhere in the house. How cute would a bunch of pastel buttons be in a baby nursery?
I've got buttons in lots of colors and letters and words can be done in any size. Check the size and price guide and inquire about colors.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Shabby Chic Tree

Kristin Green wanted something special to take to a recent baby shower. She requested a black tree with an aqua background. She also wanted pink flowers on the tree with a "shabby chic" look.

I chose to do the aqua on aqua dots in the background to give it some more visual interest. I knew that the dots in the background would compliment the type of flowers that I wanted to do. I also added a bit of lime green in the leaves.

These are not the colors typically associated with the shabby chic style and I was a bit concerned about how it would all look after distressing. There was no need for worry - it turned out beautifully!
Thank you for the order, Kristin! I hope you and mom loved it!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this canvas. I took about twenty pictured trying to capture this rich blue. It is so pretty in person!

Toni Morton custom ordered this to match some really pretty sailboat bedding as a shower gift. She stated that the walls will be light blue. I think this will look so good on that wall.

My favorite thing about it is the simplicity. Cannon can have this in his room as a newborn, but this would work for a teenager, too. That little strip of red, the clean pale blue stripes, and the name all in lowercase just work together. Did I mention that I love this one?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Little of Everything

I've had so many things going on lately that I don't feel like I have it all together. I hate that feeling. I am just trying to get it all as best I can and have a little fun along the way. Whew! I decided to sort of cram them all (well, not all!) into one post.
I did squeeze in time for this simple project. It is very easy to recover a chair seat. This one involves a small square of fabric, four screws, and a staple gun. The blues, greens, creams, and the birds are more in keeping with the colors I have picked out for our new home. Love.

"We're open all the time." This is Lauren's sign for her play kitchen, but I feel this way about my own. It seems that I am always cooking, cleaning up after a meal, or at the grocery store. I think my kids are going through growth spurts. They literally eat all of the time!

I saw these "canvas photos" at WalMart and decided to give it at try. I absolutely loved this photo snapped at Emily's wedding. Carter's big smile just melts my heart. It is not the best quality I've ever seen, but it is nice for the very reasonable price.

I like the gallery wrapped edges and the fact that I don't have to frame it. Yes, it is propped up on a box in my very empty hallway!

Finally, I am very sad that winter seems to have passed us by. While these sunny, warm days are nice, it just doesn't feel like winter. I enjoy all of the seasons and was looking forward to a big snow or two. My beautiful burlap snowflake looks terribly out of place when I have flowers blooming. Where are you, winter?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Girls

My little girl had a health scare this week. Without going into too much detail, after blood work, two x-rays, and an MRI, everything has turned out okay. It's been a rough week. Tonight I am thinking about little girls and how precious and fragile they are. Hold them close and love them while you can!

Addison and Abigail's mommy ordered these two sweet little 6x9's for their rooms. I think they turned out so pretty and just right for a little girl's room. Thank you!