My Loves

All I can say is that you know you've got a good man when he asks for a new ironing board for Valentine's Day! Laundry is his job around the house so I was happy to get this for him. I found this beautiful set of vintage travel posted when I was cleaning out the attic. Apparently, I bought them in 2004! He got them matted and framed as his gift to me. Sorry they are all just stacked in a corner...for now! Can you tell that we have been together forever?

Today is my little sweetheart's seventh birthday! I can't believe that it has been seven years since she came into out lives. She is so sweet and smart. She really is out little princess!

I am not intentionally leaving Carter out if this post. I guess he is just a typical 10-year-old boy and Valentine's Day is just not even a blip on his radar! I did make him some heart shaped pancakes!

Here's what I was doing on Valentine's Day 2005. That Valentine's Day will never be topped! You all have great day!


anotherjennifer said…
My husband loves to iron too! Definitely a keeper! I love to decorate my home with those vintage travel posters. Hope you found a good home for them. Sometimes it takes me a while to find that perfect spot...but I eventually get there.
So nice to give birth on Valentines Day- that gift can never be topped for sure!
Cheryl said…
A Valentine's Day baby - how sweet!
HE asked for an ironing board! Now that is Porn for Women. I think that's sweet, perfect and funny.
Morgan said…
actually, my husband is the only one who actually irons in this house, too. I had the iron out recently and the the kids asked, 'What is that?' hmmmmm .... :)

Enjoy your SITS day!
Patricia said…
Your header totally rocks and your husband ironing rocks even more ... but having a little one on Valentine's Day ... WOW!
Classic NYer said…

I'd like to take this moment to say that I absolutely love your blog layout and that your little girl is crazy adorable.

Oh, and Happy SITS day. :-)
Laura said…
Lucky you, because I hate to iron. I actually buy clothes that do not require ironing.

Happy SITS Day!
krystle said…
My husband does the ironing too but he'd never ask for an ironing board. Good man you got there! You have such a cute family too!
Way to go for you - a husband who does all the laundry! Mine certainly does his fair share but HE does do all the ironing! I hate ironing!