Monday, February 26, 2007

My Workspace

My workspace is usually my kitchen table. It is a great place to work because of the sunlight in the bay window. I can also see most of the house from here. That means I can usually see what the kids are doing! The only bad thing is that I have to be all cleaned up by dinner time!
I am currently working on a bunny for Nicole Crouch, a cowboy boot for Lara Hilliard, and I am trying something new. The small canvases on the newspaper are going to be "baby sleeping" signs for nursery doors. Tiffany Smith and Jane Ann Bryant are both expecting, so I am working on some baby gifts for them. I'll post them as soon as they are done!
I posted this to inspire you to paint something of your own. You don't need a fancy desk, chair and supplies. I mix paint in an old "Dukes of Hazard" bowl for Pete's sake! Canvas and craft paint are not that expensive. You will have a good time, your kids will have a good time, and I guarantee you will be proud of yourself.

The Modern Bunny!

Okay, I finally did something for myself! People always assume that I have a house full of original artwork. It's not true! I rarely have time to do canvases or murals for myself. That's okay, I like to do them for other people more anyway!
My modern bunny has an aqua background (but any color would look great) with black polka dots around the outside. I also attached a black and white polka dotted ribbon. I think dots are really my theme for spring!
I also used a different font, "Jokerman". This one is 8x10 and costs $20.00. As always, many other sizes are available. This makes a great Easter gift for anyone!


As an alternative to the bunny, I did a batch of Easter eggs. This one is a gift for my school secretary, Charlotte Hutchins. She is so sweet! She helped me get several jersey orders placed and delivered. Thank you!
It has a lavender background and the font is the favorite, "Curlz". This one can be done with any colors, patterns, or number of eggs. It is 5x5 with a hot pink ribbon attached for hanging. The ribbon is not necessary for hanging, but adds a nice touch, especially on the smaller one. This one is $10.00 and larger sizes are available.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Even More Butterflies!

I decided to post this butterfly to show another color combination. The yellow, peach, and hot pink version is in an older post. This version using lavendar, pale pink, and lime green was done for Graylin Sliger.
This picture came out a little dark so it is hard to see, but I love the way her name turned out. Her mom, Tammy, was so sweet and easy to work with! She said that it looks "sooo cute" in her room. Thanks, Tammy!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One Last Flake!

Here are the last snowmen for a while! I wanted to get these in because they are soooo cute! Lakeisha Tobitt ordered the purple snowman for herself. Her decorations are purple and silver, so I did it to match. I like that she wanted "Cory and Lakeisha" instead of her last name for something different. I also added the quote, "Baby, it's cold outside".
The snowman family was for her mother, Debra Barkes. She has five children and all of their names are at the bottom of the canvas. I love the ear muffs! Both of these have the "Curlz" font and are 12x24. The cost is $40.00. Both are also sprayed with a glitter sealer and can be hung outdoors.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


The two matching pieces were done for Nicole Crouch. Her twin girls, Ansley and Ashton, are due anytime. I went to her house and we looked at the wall space, paint colors, and bedding. Together, we worked out this design to best fit her needs. I think they turned out beautifully!
They are both 11x14, have the "Curlz" font, and have a pink gossamar ribbon attached for hanging. The ribbons are not necessary...but they do look pretty! This size runs about $30.00 each.

Spring is in the air...

Here is the first peek at the new spring bunnies. This is the smallest size I can do. It is 5x5 and costs $10.00. This one is sage green with pink polka dots. It also has a pink gingham ribbon attached for hanging. It makes a wonderful gift for family members, friends, and even teachers!
Rabbits can be done in tan or white. The background and dots can be done in any color combination. The ribbon is optional and is no extra charge. Other sizes available are 8x10 ($20.00), 11x14 ($30.00), and 16x24 ($40.00). For those of you who love the snowman size (12x24), I am working on a full length rabbit. It will be available soon! Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 9, 2007

More Butterflies!

Mary Oxley brought me these cute little canvases she had bought at Target and wanted me to do a big one that matched and included her daughter's name. Her plan was to hang them all together. I did not get to see the finished arrangement, but I am sure it looked really nice. The other two small ones were mostly pink and blue, with hints of yellow. The also had the same butterflies, bees, clouds, and flowers you see here.
Sometimes I cannot match things exactly, but we can always come up with something that will compliment what you already have. I am often asked to match wallpaper border, bedspreads, pillows, and even pictures in magazines. Some popular ones to get ideas from are Pottery Barn Kids and Company Kids.

Tiny Dancer

With it getting so close to Valentine's Day, I thought this would be an appropriate post. This ballerina looks so sweet and feminine! My friend Pam Shelton ordered this as a birthday gift for little Emory Anish. I usually just do the tutu or the shoes, but wanted to try some thing different.
I chose the blond hair to match Emory's, but as always, any of these pieces can be done with any color. This one is 11x14 and the cost is $30.00. It is done in pale pink and hot pink. The font is my handwriting. To look at other ballerina options, see the post archives.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A Personal Alphabet

This one is so special to me! However, I am a little disappointed in the photograph. There is non-glare glass on the drawing and it is in a sort of dimly lit room so the photo did not turn out as well as I had hoped. The colors are really vibrant and soft at the same time.
This is a color pencil drawing of an alphabet for my little girl, Lauren. Each letter is in its own little box. There is a coordinating picture for each letter as well. These can be custom ordered. For example, if your child is into ballet, I will do ballet shoes for B, tutu for T, and so on. I can also do them based on color schemes. I haven't done a boy themed one yet... but would love to!
Please note that this one does take a little extra time, s order in advance. It is about 16x20 unframed and costs $100.00. This is a very personal piece that will last a lifetime!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Frogs and Butterflies

I thought it would be a good idea to show the boy version of the frog. The girl version can be seen in the older post "The Bost Twins". This one has turned out to be very popular! It seems that frogs are used a lot in nurseries now. I love it!
The butterfly was done for my friend Ann Vance. She requested something girly and to use the salmon color. That sort of peach color looked really pretty with the yellow and hot pink. Both of these are 16x20 and done in the "Curlz" font. They are $40.00 each.