Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Been A Busy Week!

As a teacher, the week of Halloween is not my favorite. There's just a lot going on and a lot of excitement fueled by sugar no doubt. At home, I love Halloween. It just came so quickly this year! Add that in with football practice, Mike's meetings, and basketball season starting and..whew! You've got yourself a busy week.
Lauren's teachers at the Learning House, Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Jackie, found time to be super creative. Look at this adorable ghost they made this week. It is some kind of cloth that has been hardened and can now stand on its own as a spooky ghost. Love it!

The kiddos were feeling the burn this week as well. Even though Carter and Mike left at 8:30 this morning to go to baseball camp, Carter managed to work in a little recliner/cartoon time with his sister. Now that the boys are gone and the house is quiet, Lauren is off doing some maintenance with her baby dolls.

I got a big shipment of 8x24's in yesterday. These are reserved for all of those family canvases for Christmas...and maybe a snowman or two!

My goal this week was to finish these four 11x14 canvases. It just didn't happen. As you can see, I got a good start, but just ran out of time. Mike usually takes Carter to football practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights and that is my BIG paint time, but this week he had a meeting on Tuesday night and a basketball game on Thursday night. You just can't paint in the practice field parking lot! On the bright side, I did get four miles of walking in!

Resha's big 12x48 is due November 4. Yikes!
I'm just kidding...I have a plan and it will be done in plenty of time!

I got up and did a few things and went back to my warm bed. My head is hurting because I am having some allergy/congestion issues. I think that is why I haven't been sleeping well even though I am dog tired. Frustrating! Dee was none too happy to be kicked out of his usual spot. He just sat there staring me down like, "Aren't you going to work today?". You can see Cinco passed out behind him.
My husband brought me some juice, Advil, and Zyrtec. Ahhh, the perfect cocktail! It won't last long...I have to be at soccer at 10:20!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Start to Finish

Every canvas starts the same, plain white.

My first step is to paint the background. In this case, two coats of black. Most colors require two coats. Brown and red look better with three. After that second coat has dried overnight, I can pencil in the first layer of lettering.

After that is good and dry, the first layer of lettering goes on. This khaki takes two coats with touch ups done on the the third. That also has to be completely dry before I can pencil in the lettering for the second layer.

The white letter goes much quicker because it is smaller and not nearly as thick. It still needs two coats. After that has dries, I can erase all of the pencil marks and go back over it to clean up any little flaws.

Each canvas is then sprayed with a clear sealant to protect it from dust, scratches, and weather. The next step is to add ribbon or beading for hanging. The final step is to photograph and deliver or ship. Sometimes that final step is the hardest, believe it or not!

All of my canvases can be left outdoors or used indoors. They can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The handles are not required for hanging. Each one is lovingly hand painted by me...usually late at night after my family is in bed! I strive to make each one special.
Thank you for your orders.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Emma Kate is scheduled to come into the world today. Her proud grandmother, Candy Woodlee, ordered this beautiful, very girly 12x24 for her nursery. She made a special request for a dragonfly. I love it!
I hope everything goes smoothly and Amanda and baby are healthy.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Kristy Weeter

This is not just another teacher canvas. For me, this one is extra special because it is for my good friend and teaching partner. Kristy came to the fifth grade at Bobby Ray Elementary two years ago fresh out of college. She is naturally a teacher, loves the kids, and just was wonderful from the start. It seems like anytime we need to do things in pairs, we always get put together. I'm not complaining - we always have a blast!
I love what she finally chose for her room and was so happy to paint for her.

Sneak Peeks

This is the time of the year in which I have to keep secrets. Sometimes it is hard! All of these pretty paintings and I can't share them until January!

I also have to be creative with some explanations. I never lie, but I do have to leave out things from time to time to keep it a surprise.

Anyway, here are a couple that I finished this weekend (I was very productive! Look how many came off my to do list!) that I couldn't wait to post. I just posted a corner, a "sneak peek". I wonder who will be getting these under their trees?

Remember...this Sunday, November 1, is the last day to place holiday orders.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Snowman Design

I've added something new to my original snowman design. Can you find it?

It is the blue on blue diamonds running through the background. I try to look at the designs that come back year after year and update them in some way. The diamonds add a little texture, and they are just cute!
All three of these feature glass snowman beading and are currently available.
6x9 - $20.00
5x5 - $15.00

Friday, October 23, 2009

Jesus Loves Me

Such a sweet gift from a grandmother to a granddaughter. Hopefully this chair will be a keepsake handed down for a long time to come.

Fall In Full Swing

As I was driving yesterday, I noticed the color in the leaves. Fall is in full swing! Halloween has kind of snuck up on me this year. We will do out church trick-or-treating this Sunday. Mike and I signed up to teach Bible hour this month and I can't believe it is almost over. Time really does fly.

We've been doing all of the typical fall activities. Lauren went to the pumpkin patch with her class last week and Carter is scheduled to go this week. Football and soccer games and practices eat up quite a bit of our free time. We froze out hineys off last week!

As I am going about my daily routine, Miss Brooke Taylor is planning the most important day of her life. She is planning a beautiful fall wedding. I am so happy to be a tiny part of it.
She ordered a "wedding wands" sign for her favors and a "sweet endings for sweet beginnings" sign for the pecan pie table. I just love fall weddings. Why didn't I plan to get married in October?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Girl's Day Out

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday with my sisters and mother. I took the day off from work to go with Ashley to her doctor's appointment and then do a little fall clothes shopping. Turns out, mom was able to get away and Emily did not have to go into work until three o'clock. I had second thoughts about taking a day off, but I am so glad that I did!
Our bonding started with Target, of course! I did pretty good in the clothes department, but got more of what I really needed in the Halloween area. Check trick-or-treat candy, class treats, and khaki pants off the list!

We continued to TJ Maxx, but found nothing except one secret sister gift. Check! From there it was off the the Avenues. That place consumed a huge chunk of time and walking, but it was beautiful day and we were having fun. We ate lunch at Newk's Cafe...yummy!
I got all of the paint and ribbon I needed for upcoming projects at Michael's. Check! I now prefer to go there over Hobby Lobby. I can still easily get everything I need at a good price, and not all of the stuff I don't! I struck out big time at Discount Shoe Warehouse.

I racked up for myself at Old Navy, which is unusual. That is where I get a lot of the kids' clothes. I only got them warm PJ's, but got myself several tops, boyfriend jeans, and a brown corduroy dress. I love the rolled sleeve button down shirts they have in all of these pretty patterns and colors. Here's what I am wearing today! Check school clothes, winter PJ's, and something new for church off the list.

This is the top I wanted at Ann Taylor Loft. $39.50 for a tee is a little out of my price range. They had all kinds of beautiful sweaters and tweed dresses. Alas, I will have to wait for a sale.

Don't they say that good things come to those who wait?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Christmas Stockings

I have these four little wooden stockings availabe for personalization and immediate delivery. They would be perfect for a whole family and look so cute on a tree, mantle, or even drawer pulls or doorknobs. They also work seperately if you need teacher, secretary, secret sister, or Sunday School gifts.
At just $5.00 each, you can take all four!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spot Of Tea

I'm still talking like Mary Poppins! That is who this teapot and teacup make me think of. My longtime blog friend in Texas, Jennifer Perez, ordered this 10x10 for her daughter's room. Isabela has a little kitchen and likes to play cafe. That sounds like a certain four-year-old blond in my house! I love this idea and her colors of pink. purple, and lime are always an adorable combination.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back To Reality

Well, I survived my fall break excursion and now it is back to reality. I'm back to grocery shopping, cooking, and making my own bed. I am also back to painting! I bought a case of 11x14's and they are all already sold. Here is the stack being sorted on my desk.

Here is my hallway leading down to my studio. Notice there are several of those 11x14's with their backgrounds ready. I've also been working on several 8x24's. It seems the family canvases are going to be popular this Christmas.

I had just about hit my limit when I heard, "How about some cookies, pretty lady?". I could never do all that I do without the support of my husband. He keeps an eye on the kids, does laundry, answers the phone, and occasionally makes some chocolate chip cookies while I paint.

Where have we been this week? We went to Disneyworld! It was over ninety degrees and full on sun every. single. day. Now that we are home, we are freezing! What a temperature change!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tan Snowmen

Even though I normally do the snowmen on a blue background, I love mixing it up. The tan background is so pretty when combined with earth tones in the hat and scarf. I also was surprised by how much I like it with black.
Check out the new store downtown, Et Cetera. They've got all kinds of adorable handmade items from lots of local girls. I don't have any snowmen up there yet, but there are all kinds of fall and Halloween canvases available. They also have Dream Custom Artwork gift certificates and will take custom orders.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Celebrate Everything

In my ladies' Bible class we all quoted our favorite Bible verse and the explained our choice. This canvas makes me think of mine...
"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the heavens."
Ecclesiastes 3:1
I love reading all of the "A time to's..." that follow as well. I think of these verses often because I feel like everything is not going to get done. I feel rushed and wonder, "Where did the week go?". Here it is Friday again and there are so many things on my weekly mental checklist that aren't checked off! This verse reminds me that God provides a time for everything. What needs to be done will get done.
Now I am off to enjoy Fall Break and make some memories with my sweet family. Check that off the list.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Copper Penny

Copper is my new favorite shade. It turns out so pretty and goes with so many other colors. It's great for fall, but can really be used any time of the year. On the top one, I used a metallic copper paired paired with cool aqua. It matched that beautiful ribbon that also has a little shine in it.

This 8x10 is for Rachel Cotten (soon to be Evans) in her wedding colors, which also happen to be those shades of fall. I used a matte copper for the background, chocolate brown for the name, and harvest gold for the date. I can only do these family canvases on this size with a short last name.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Colors

My palette is a mix of gold. oranges, greens, reds, tans, browns, maroons, and rust. I just noticed that you can see it in the background there! These earth tones are my favorite colors. I find them peaceful.
This tiny "happy fall" with those burnt orange polka dots is so cute. I posted a Christmas monogram yesterday, so I thought I would post a fall one today. Shannon Haston snatched it up at the street fair, but I will be happy to do a custom one just for you!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Around The Corner...

I know it doesn't seem like it now, but Christmas is just around the corner. For me, it is even closer. You all can see the to do list (29 - thank you!) over on the left hand side. Many of those are Christmas orders. I want to be able to have time to pay attention to detail, make each one something special, and have some little bit of a life. My post today is to give you all a taste of Christmas and also to let you know that I have set my holiday cut off date for November 1st.
Check your lists, gather your colors and dates, and get with me soon. I love being a part of your holiday gift giving!
6x9 gingerbread - $20.00 - sold

5x5 Ho Ho Ho - $15.00 - sold

5x5 Merry Christmas - $15.00 - available

Holiday monograms of all colors are now available. I love this one in classic Christmas red, kelly green, and white with the dotted ribbon.
11x14 B monogram - $30.00 - available

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The View From Saturday

I spent a lovely day at the Autumn Street Fair today. The weather was gorgeous, but the wind kept blowing everything over. The sunshine felt so good and the food was delicious. Thank you to everyone who stopped by. It was so nice to talk and laugh with each of you.