Start to Finish

Every canvas starts the same, plain white.

My first step is to paint the background. In this case, two coats of black. Most colors require two coats. Brown and red look better with three. After that second coat has dried overnight, I can pencil in the first layer of lettering.

After that is good and dry, the first layer of lettering goes on. This khaki takes two coats with touch ups done on the the third. That also has to be completely dry before I can pencil in the lettering for the second layer.

The white letter goes much quicker because it is smaller and not nearly as thick. It still needs two coats. After that has dries, I can erase all of the pencil marks and go back over it to clean up any little flaws.

Each canvas is then sprayed with a clear sealant to protect it from dust, scratches, and weather. The next step is to add ribbon or beading for hanging. The final step is to photograph and deliver or ship. Sometimes that final step is the hardest, believe it or not!

All of my canvases can be left outdoors or used indoors. They can be wiped off with a damp cloth. The handles are not required for hanging. Each one is lovingly hand painted by me...usually late at night after my family is in bed! I strive to make each one special.
Thank you for your orders.


Do you do all your lettering by hand..meaning is that your handwriting? I've been trying to paint something for my laundry room and it's a task.
Brandie said…
Yes, it is all by hand. I do use a ruler to space everything out and to get it straight. I also use the website to look at a wide assortment of fonts for ideas ind inspiration! Thanks, Melissa, and good luck with your project!
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ok so I have a question. I have tried to make my own canvases and I cant get my writing to look as smooth as yours. How do you wirte so smoothly on them? Is is the paint or the type of canvas? no clue how ya do it lol