Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Fall Sale!!!!

Hey, hey!  It's time for a fall sale - yippee!!!  Just shop in the etsy store and use the coupon code AUTUMNSALE when checking out to get 20% off your entire order.

Order a custom canvas for yourself, friends, gifts, teachers...the possibilities are endless!

Get something cute for your home this fall!  It's never too early to plan for Christmas, too!!!

That's a great deal, but it's only available for the rest of September.  Feel free to share:)!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fall Burlap!

I've been painting lots and lots of new fall art and I'm loving these burlap canvases!  There a little harder to work on that traditional canvas, but they're perfect for the fall season.  Here's alittle turky on a 10x10.  He's available and personalization and can added!

I decorate with squirrels all year round, but I know most people just use them for fall!  Here's an adorable squirrel on a 5x7 burlap canvas that has been treated with white gesso.  I love this look!  This is the perfect size to put in your fall wreath, too!

This one is sold, but I do have one more just like ready for your name!

This one might be my favorite!  This 7x14 burlap canvas features a cornfield with the harvest moon shining bright.  

This classic pumpkin is on the burlap that has been treated with white gesso as well.  This would be so pretty with a family name, monogram, or even a cute fall saying.  Love this one!

Now is the time to order for fall!  All of these are ready to personalize and deliver.  If you'd like something custom, I need time to paint.  I want you to be able to enjoy your artwork for the whole fall season!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just a Few Words...

...or lots of them!  This custom poem has probably the most words I've ever put on a canvas!  I now it's the most for a canvas this small.  I had to use my tiniest brush for all of the wording.  Whew!

It turned out so pretty and will hopefully make the perfect gift.  I love the black and white chevron with the pop of pinks and red.

FYI: I am always happy to do completely custom orders.  There's lots of ideas here on the blog.  You can use the search box in the very top left hand corner to do a specific search.  The size and price guide is over in the right hand sidebar.  You can also browse the etsy shop.  I'd love for you to "like" me on facebook, too!

If you don't see just what you want, please email me at  I don't take phone orders or give out my phone number.  I look forward to working with you on your next art project!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

How's Your School Year Going?

Mine's going great..thanks for asking!  I really am having a good school year.  I'm finally adjusted to the waking/sleeping schedule, my feet have stopped throbbing, and my voice came back.  All good things!  Now it's already time for mid nine week reports!
Don't you love this gray and aqua color combination for Mrs. Beloin?  I hope this teacher is lonving her new artwork.

My friend, Nicole Burch, does special testing in the schools and shares a room with another teacher.  She wanted a cute sign for their door but wasn't sure if two names would look right.  They're room is neutral with kind of a "hodgepodge" of things.  I came up with this pretty cream and taupe diamond background with fancy black lettering.   I love how it turned out!

And finally, here's this adorable bee canvas!  I've done several of these for this school year shipped them out all over the United States.  I love bees and my nickname is "B" so this one is a favorite for me.

Hope all of you teachers are enjoying your students as much as I am.   Even still, I've already got a Fall Break countdown going on - haha!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Burlap Teacher Canvas

I am sooo loving these new burlap canvases available at most craft stores.  I always want to paint on burlap, but covering a stretched canvas with the messy fabric is a real pain.  Working with fabric is not my talent.  Trust me.

This little 8x10 is for a local teacher and features adorable button and rhinestone accents.  The wording is in aqua and the ribbon in lime green.   It's nonseasonal and would work for most grade levels and subject areas.

Keep this one in mind for teacher gifts!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Welcome to the Pumpkin Patch!

It's pumpkin season!  Here's an adorable 8x10 with lots of lime green dots and lime green burlap ribbon all ready to go.  It can be personalized and delivered right away.

I paint a lot of pumpkins, but I love these colored squash, too!  They are one of my favorite things to see in decorations.  I decided to try one and it turned out great!

Here's the rest of the canvas that belongs to the squash!

The oval is something a bit different, too!  I did a little fancier lettering and it's so pretty!

Here's the same design but on a 16x20 and with all pumpkins.  It's a classic fall design.

I can't get enough of that extra fancy lettering!

I do have one 16x20 classic pumpkin design ready for immediate personalization and delivery!  Get your monogram on a pumpkin, name across the top, or your favorite fall saying.  $45.00 plus shipping if you're not local!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Ready For Fall

I like pumpkins, but I love acorns!  Pumpkins are literally everywhere, but acorn decorations aren't so easy to find.  I decided to go for it and add some acorns to my paintings!  This polka dot one turned out so cute.  Plus, I love the saying over the top.  I think I'm ready for hoodies the most!

This 8x10 is sold, but I am taking custom orders right now!

Here's another new fall design.  How cute is this 7x14?

I can see it in a big fall wreath on the front door!  It's also sold but you can get your call orders in now and still have plenty of time to enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Aqua Burlap Pumpkins

Welcome September!

It's a new month and time to decorate for fall!  I've got these two adorable aqua burlap - yes, that's aqua burlap:) - immediately available for personalization and delivery.  They're so bright and cheerful!  The orange really pops on the aqua.
You can get a name, monogram, welcome, or your favorite fall saying over the top.  Just $20.00 each for pick up.  Add $5.00 for shipping.