Friday, October 31, 2014

Primary Passion

Don't you just love primary colors?  No matter what the season, they're always so bright and cheerful.  Primary will never go out of style!  This 5x5 size is so cute as a teacher gift.  They're the perfect size for any classroom and only $15.00.  This was an etsy order that shipped out a while back.

Here's another cute etsy order.  This one is an 11x14 with big red dots, black accents, and a ladybug.  Just adorable!

One of my regular customers, Talejah, wanted a soccer themed 8x10 canvas with blue and red for her son's room.  Love this one, too!

Be sure that you've marked your calendar for the Miss Rosa Mae's Barn Sale!  Here's the link to their facebook page for more information!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fall Break 2014

Oh, I am already wishing I was back on the beach!  I started this post and looking at those pretty pictures...I miss it so bad!  We did our annual fall break trip to Perdido Key, Florida.  We don't usually visit the same place twice, but we've been back here for about 7 fall seasons in a row.  We love it!

Yes, Mary Jane made the trip with us!  I'm going to let her carry around her baby doll for as long as she wants to!  One of the reasons we like this area of Florida is that there are no crowds and nothing to do.  We just rest, lie around on the gorgeous beach, swim, and go out to eat at night.  That's it!

Look how pretty that water and sand is...and it's like that most days.  I played frisbee with this guy till my arm fell off!

This was the view of the community pool from my lawn chair.  You can see that in October we have the place to ourselves!  

I'm already counting the days until we are back in Perdido Key again!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

A Fairytale

I'm starting with all of these beautiful silver swirls!  Love them!  There's also a coating of silver glitter over the silver metallic paint for added sparkle.

My fellow teacher an friend, Dana Grissom, ordered a canvas for a family member who got married.  She wanted to keep it neutral and told me to do whatever I wanted.  I love it when that happens - haha!  I did a white background, fancy black lettering, and those swirls.

Dana sent me the quote and wedding information.  I took care of everything else from the design to the shipping.  That's so nice when you need to send an out of town gift!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Miss Rosa Mae's

I''m very happy to announce that I'll be a vendor at Miss Rosa Mae's Barn Sale in Beersheba Springs!  I've never been to the "Big Red Barn" but these photos are just gorgeous!  This will be the only show that I am participating in this season.  It's a great opportunity to come by and pick up some custom holiday gifts!

I can't wait to spend the weekend here!

How pretty is this space?  I'm already in love with all those twinkly lights!  I have an inside booth space.  It looks like tons of really interesting vendors, music, and yummy food.  Here's their facebook link to see more details.

We'll all be there all three days.  Gather up some girlfriends and make plans to go on a little adventure!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fit For A Princess...

Well, vacation is over and it's back to reality for me!  It was a lovely trip to the beach and I'm still high on sand and sun.  It really was nice to relax and enjoy some family time.  I'll share some more pics and info about our favorite place in the whole wide world soon!

In the meantime, here's this beautiful set of three pink, gray, and black canvases for a princess room.  I just love how all three are very different but still coordinate so well.

This is a tiny 3x6 pale pink canvas with white stamping in the background.  The lettering and ribbon are hot pink.  This is perfect for the doorknob!

The 8x24 Has pale pink and white stripes in the background with hot pink and white polka dots in the foreground.  The lettering is black and the little dots on the trim are gray.   This size is great for over the crib, twin bed, or changing table.

The final 11x14 piece is one of my favorite quotes.  It's just so sweet!  It also has pale pink and white stripes but with black dots and a gray frame.


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Signs of the Season...

Well, my "Happy Fall Y'all" sale was a huge success!  I'm still knee deep in orange polka dots - haha!  Seriously, thank you for all of the fall orders.  I soooo appreciate the business!

Besides all the orange paint, another sign of fall in my world is our school's annual Fall Festival.  I helped make the auction item for my son's seventh grade class.  I painted this tree and his teacher is going to have all of the kids put their thumbprints on there like leaves.  I can't wait to see the finished product!

My class did this giant wooden Christmas ornament door hanger with all of our handprints.  I think it turned out so cute!!  

Just like I do every fall, the shop will be closing down for a bit so I can catch my breath before Christmas.  I'll be on vacation from October 9 - October 23.  Be getting those Christmas gift lists ready!!