Monday, January 22, 2018

Now On Instagram!

I am probably a tad behind the times!  The truth is that I've had an Instagram account for while.  I actually closed my Facebook account and took a hiatus from social media.  I think that's healthy every now and then!  I still do not have Facebook, but I am enjoying sharing my art and seeing lots of others share theirs, too.

Sooo...come see me @mrsbrandiemansfield!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Etsy Labor Day Sale!!!

I've had my etsy shop for a while now.  It's been a great tool to get new customers and to share my artwork. Through etsy, I've shipped to several states and even other countries!

Etsy is now offering a "sale" tool, which will be a nice way to put your whole store or just parts of your store on sale.

Their first official sale is this Labor Day and it starts TODAY!

There's lots of great things in my "ready to ship" section that are ready to customize and waiting.  They're on sale!

I also have lots of options for custom orders including new fall designs.  They're on sale, too!
Go shop HERE and enjoy the sale and the long weekend!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Mrs. Willis Teacher Canvas

Love this one!  This design has been one of my favorites for a long time.  The apple is just a classic symbol for teachers and school.  I added in a couple of daisies and some polka dots for extra cuteness!

The black center part is meant to look like a chalkboard and the barnwood frame gives is a cute, rustic flair.  Mrs. Willis ordered this for herself this year.  I hope it is just perfect for her classroom and brings her lots of joy!

Remember the Labor Day sale on ETSY  starts Thursday!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Isn't this a lovely set for a baby boy's nursery?  This is a 12x12 and 4x12 set.  I think the pretty grays and the navy blue look so good with that little pop of white.  So cute!

These were ordered as a baby shower gift.  I think mom would have been super excited to open them up!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Bee Happy Teacher Canvas!

It's back to school time!  I love this cute and cheerful bee canvas for the teacher's door.  What kid wouldn't like to see this hanging outside their classroom?  I hope Ms. Mallinak has a fabulous year!

This canvas was actually a gift ordered from one state and sent to another.  I was asked to include a nice card.  I am always happy to do that!  I thought this was a great idea for a first year teacher.  

There's an etsy Labor Day sale coming soon and Dream Custom Artwork will be participating.  All of my teacher canvases included!  Check it out HERE!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blush Black Gold Bedroom Before and After

This is my daughter's room.  Yes, Lauren got the largest bedroom.  I explained earlier that having that window seat was very important to her.  Carter will be off to college in a couple of years, so maybe we'll do some room switching then!  
Anyway, this is a nice big room with a huge closet, but it is shaped kind of weird.  I think it was actually two small rooms at some point.  One half of the floor was beautiful old hardwood and the other half was tile.  It was painted beige with a ceiling like a sky.  I can't explain.  It also has outdated ceiling fans.

The after...I love it!  The walls here painted a soft blush color.  It was so hard to get this one right.  I didn't want peach and I didn't want it too dark or too light.  The trim got a fresh coat of Summer Gray.  The fans were replaced with chandeliers from Pottery Barn Teen.  I hung matching black curtain rods from Wayfair and bold striped curtains from Zulily.  The curtains in the back got a double rod and sheers so they can be left open for natural light.  The tile was also taken up and hardwood laid to match for a continuous feel.

Lauren's bed is a family heirloom.  The bedding came from Pottery Barn and the prints and frames from Ikea.  Here black rolling nightstands and vintage look lamps also came from Ikea.

Here is the fantastic window seat.  It already had the cushion, but it was covered in a magnolia print fabric.  I had it recovered in a soft black velvet.  We immediately filled it up with lots of throw pillows!

That back wall with the closet door got the gold dot treatment!

I bought the shelves at Ikea and painted the brackets with gold spray paint.  The file organizer and pencil cup came from World Market.  Lauren loves bins and filing and labeling.  I wanted to do built in bookshelves all around the window, but the budget got too tight.  This was a nice, inexpensive alternative.

I love her desk area!  We've collected all of the items for the collage over time.  The desk came from Wayfair and the chair is from Ikea.  It was blue and we painted it gold.  I painted her flowerpot for the succulents.

Just scroll back and forth on the before and after for this one.  The difference is amazing!  Really, we did not do a lot structurally to this room.  Other than removing the tile and adding the hardwood, it was just paint and glitter!  I think she has a room that she can really enjoy!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Studio Before and After

This is the area that you first enter from the back door, which we most often use.  It is kind of an odd room that could be an entry hall, a small den, or even a dining room.  It had a parque floor that didn't match the tile in the connecting kitchen or the original hardwood in the connection den.  I think that over the years and assorted additions and redos, this room was used for many things.  The most recent owner added that tile on the wall.  Before a bit of demo, there was wine bar there.  As you can see, it was painted more tan and had a heavy black light fixture.

We had the flooring again done to match the original hardwood for better flow.  The tile on the wall came down.  The trim needed only a little bit of repair and was painted the same Summer Gray as the rest of the house.  The walls were painted a dark, dark gray called Ocean Storm by Benjamin Moore.  My friend has a bathroom painted that color, and I just kept coming back to it after trying out lots of other shades.  Dark colors are risky, and I wanted to get it right!

My art chest was bought at a yard sale and the top part is a wooden tool box.  The wood was different colors, so I painted the both white and distressed them.  The funky knobs came from World Market and the print from Etsy.  The doorway leads to the den and on to my son's room.

My painting desk is in the center of the studio under good track lighting that can be positioned.  My Pottery Barn paint set and and scissors dominate the back wall.  I had in my mind that they would pop against that dark gray wall, and they did not disappoint!  My antique bookshelf full of art books and old favorites is against the other wall beside the doorway to the den.

This is the wall right beside the back door.  That doorway leads down the hall to my daughter's bedroom and the master bedroom.  As you can see, this studio area is in the heart of the house.  This big, plain wall only had the vent on it.  I couldn't hide that, so I decided to work with it.  I have tons of prints, clippings, postcards, my artwork, etc. collected for inspiration and also just because I love images.  When we moved, I found so many that I had not seen in a long time.  I had some of them framed and hung here in a grouping.  I want to add to it as funds and time allows.

From the top left: my first art exhibition poster from Italy, my friend's sneakers I took in my college photography class, a Matisse print, a life quote on stretched canvas, a snapshot of me and my sister circa 1983, and a gorgeous owl photo purchased on Etsy.

My studio is my space.  I've tried to fill it with things that I like to look at while also providing storage and organization.  I love that I can see and hear just about everything that is going on in the house form my desk.  I also love that my family and cats pass through here a million times a day.  I also love that it is the first thing I see when I come home.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Master Bathroom Before and After

This before photo was taken after some demo was done.  There was a tile mosaic floor - of a fish! - in creams and tans.  There was also more of that Tuscan tile counter top.  When we ripped the floor up, there was more of the original hardwood floor.  It was beautiful, but I just didn't want wood as my bathroom floor.  The pieces were pulled up and used to fill in bad spots in the rest of the house.  The only things I kept in this photo are the faucets, the cabinets on the wall, and the original wall tile and towel bars.

The after!  I love my bathroom.  The after is just amazing.  The walls were painted School Boy Blue by Valspar.  The cabinetry was made by a local builder.  He uses a powder coat paint.  I had that color matched at Lowe's and painted the wall cabinets to match.  He made new doors for those cabinets and I had frosted glass put in them.  I think the slatted doors looked dated.  I also had the lighting in the sides of the cabinets removed.  New lighting from Houzz was added over the mirror instead.  That just seemed to make more sense!  

When we ordered our new counter top, we chose to have the square sinks made in for easy cleaning and no caulking.  I added a large outlet under the mirror and a new mirror from Wayfair.  The colors compliment to original white tile now.

The other side of the room was where the floor had a bit of damage and served as kind of a warning!  I also do not like cleaning shower doors, so those were removed.  This is a cast iron tub.  Those suckers do not want to come out!  We chose to leave it and update the faucets and shower head.  Other than that, it just got a good cleaning, some tile repair, and new caulking.

I added the hotel shelf from Lowe's for both hanging and storage, a matching curtain rod, and a white waffle shower curtain from Target.  I wanted to keep it all clean and simple with no patterns or crazy colors.  "Classic Spa" is what I'm calling it!

You can only see a small smidge of it, but we did a beautiful gray tile in here in a herringbone pattern.  The tile guy said it was a "challenge" and had never done anything like it before, but he was taking pictures of it afterwards.

I had a vision for this bathroom and am so proud seeing it all come together.  Picking and choosing things from all over the place and bringing them together in the hopes that it will all work is daunting.  I thought the blue was too blue before we added all of the gray and white.  I had a towel bar purchased and took it back and exchanged it for the hotel shelf.  I measured 500 times and said a prayer before ordering my mirror.  Just think of it as a trip and you are just planning the little stops along the way!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Master Bedroom Before and After

My husband and I actually chose a smaller bedroom than our daughter (which you'll see later!) for several reasons.  One, we only have a laundry closet, and it is in this room.  I know that sounds crazy, but it is actually very convenient!  Two, having a large bedroom was not nearly as important to us as is was to her.  Three, I like a cozy bedroom.  Four, this one had the vanity that I so love.  
Here is the before, which is not looking so cozy.  It took a lot of convincing to get my husband on board with this one.  It has painted paneling, which I kept.  It also has tile floors, which I did not keep.  I first removed the wall heater and dark bamboo window treatment.  There were large wooden curtain rods that I kept.  I just painted them the trim color and had them raised.  The trim was in fairly bad shape, kind of pieced together, so a lot of that was replaced for a cleaner look.

Here is the after from the same angle.  The walls were painted Winter Flannel and the trim is Summer Gray, both by Valpsar.  The vanity that was featured earlier is just past those closet doors.  I had the floors done to match the original hardwood in the rest of the house for a cohesive look.  The large, dark ceiling fan was replaces with a sleek low profile version.  The curtains are from World Market and Ikea.  The rug is a family heirloom.

We do have a king size bed in this relatively tiny room.  There is plenty of space all the way around, but the bed definitely is the centerpiece of the area!  I love our bed.  To be honest, I probably spend more time here than anywhere else in the house.  If I have time to relax, it will be in here rather than the couch like a lot of people!  Our delicious furry comforter is AMAZING!  I ordered it from and wasn't 100% sure because I like to feel my bedding before I buy it.  It is so warm and soft.  Everyone loves it!  I have an assortment of patterned and embroidered pillows for a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.  My favorite painting hangs over the bed.

The other corner in the room features an antique slip covered chair that I picked up at a neighbor's yard sale.  The seat cushion was damaged and is being repaired.  I have a small side table to hold my reading stuff and my CPAP machine.  For those of you that use one, I'd love to hear your storage tips.  There's just no way to make that thing look good!
I have a special print hanging in this corner and a Moroccan candle holder that picks up that vibe from the pillows.  The tall dresser (you can just see the corner) is against that wall and the TV is there.

This is what is looks like to wake up in this room!  I am lucky enough to do that every day and I love it.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Kitchen Before and After

Oh, this kitchen...

It was the stuff of nightmares.  These pictures were taken after some of the demo was done.  You are not getting a true picture of the "before".  The center island was HUGE.  I love an island,  but this size of kitchen needs a small one!  There were also cream top cabinets that had ben "aged" by a novice so they just looked stained.

The counter tops had large Tuscan-style tiles.  Tuscan is great, but not in a 30's cottage!  You can see that the bottom cabinets didn't match the top ones.  Also, there was lots of tan.  Tan floor, tan walls, tan tiles...yuck!  Nothing popped except these mismatched light fixtures.

All of the appliances were out of date.  And let's not forget...the ceiling was painted to look like a sky.  I cannot make this up.

The first thing up was paint.  The right colors make such a difference.  The ceiling and trim is Summer Gray (which looks like a crisp white) and the walls are Sparkling Lake by Valspar.  We put a lot of our money in good flooring and had hardwood laid to match the rest of the house.  It is laid in the opposite direction to give it definition bu also because it was stronger laid against the joists.

We were on a budget so there would be no custom high end counter tops and cabinets for us.  I immediately turned to Ikea.  We live in a small town in Tennessee.  The closest Ikea is three and a half hours away in Atlanta.  I planned it all out on the computer and had my contractor go over it and remeasure and double check everything.  My husband and I drove to Atlanta and ordered everything with help in the store.  It took FOREVER and I had to make a few changes.  The Ikea people were very patient and  helpful.  It was almost like they'd done this before!

All of the cabinets, appliances, sink, and pulls came from Ikea.  They were delivered to our door in a huge truck.  It was awesome!  My contractor installed it.  He said that once they got the hang of it, they were really easy to do and were amazed with the quality for the price.  I wanted the white cabinets and simple stainless steel pulls because I love the clean unfussy look.  I went with black accents to make everything pop!
Just so you know...the curtains and the small wooden shelves were custom made from vendors on etsy.  The stools came from Wayfair.  The lighting over the sink is Ikea.  The lighting over the island and backsplach tile is from Lowe's.

The other wall was not pictured in the before because there was nothing to see.  It was just a plain tan wall.  I knew that I would be needing extra storage and did not want to buy a china cabinet.  I ordered a couple of extra cabinets and had them installed on this wall.  I love the built in look and it came out cheaper than a big china cabinet!

I realize now that I don't have an after picture of the other corner where our table sits.  I will add that!

Moral to the story: don't be afraid to try something new.  Ordering cabinets on my own from a new place and trying to pick everything that would go together was hard.  It took a lot of vision, some help, and lots of revising.  I feel so accomplished when I look at this kitchen!