Thursday, August 10, 2017

Blush Black Gold Bedroom Before and After

This is my daughter's room.  Yes, Lauren got the largest bedroom.  I explained earlier that having that window seat was very important to her.  Carter will be off to colleg in a couple of years, so maybe we'll do some room switching then!  
Anyway, this is a nice big room with a huge closet, but it is shaped kind of weird.  I think it was actually two small rooms at some point.  One half of the floor was beautiful old hardwood and the other half was tile.  It was painted beige with a ceiling like a sky.  I can't explain.  It also has outdates ceiling fans.

The after...I love it!  The walls here painted a soft blush color.  It was so hard to get this one right.  I didn't want peach and I didn't want it too dark or too light.  The trim got a fresh coat of Summer Gray.  The fans were replaced with chandeliers from Pottery Barn Teen.  I hung matching black curtain rods from Wayfair and bold striped curtains from Zulily.  The curtaind in the back got a double rod and sheers so they can be left open for natural light.  The tile was also taken up and hardwood laid to match for a continuos feel.

Lauren's bed is a family heirloom.  The bedding came from Pottery Barn and the prints and frames from Ikea.  Here black rolling nightstands and vintage look lamps also came from Ikea.

Here is the fantastic windo seat.  It already had the cushion, but it was covered in a magnolia print fabric.  I had it recovered in a soft black velvet.  We immediately filled it up with lots of throw pillows!

That back wall witht he closet door got the gold dot treatment!

I bought the shelves at Ikea and painted the brackets with gold spray paint.  The file organizer and pencil cup came from World Market.  Lauren loves bins and filing and labeling.  I wanted to do built in bookshelves all around the window, but the budget got too tight.  This was a nice, inexpensive alternative.

I love her desk area!  We've collected all of the items for the collage over time.  The desk came from Wayfair and the chair is from Ikea.  It was blue and we painted it gold.  I painted her flowerpot for the succulents.

Just scroll back and forth on the before and after for this one.  The difference is amazing!  Really, we did not do alot structually to this room.  Other than removing the tile and adding the hardwood, it was just paint and glitter!  I think she has a room that she can really enjoy!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Studio Before and After

This is the area that you first enter from the back door, which we most often use.  It is kind of an odd room that could be an entry hall, a small den, or even a dining room.  It had a parque floor that didn't match the tile in the connecting kitchen or the original hardwood in the connection den.  I think that over the years and assorted additions and redos, this room was used for many things.  The most recent owner added that tile on the wall.  Before a bit of demo, there was wine bar there.  As you can see, it was painted more tan and had a heavy black light fixture.

We had the flooring again done to match the original hardwood for better flow.  The tile on the wall came down.  The trim needed only a little bit of repair and was painted the same Summer Gray as the rest of the house.  The walls were painted a dark, dark gray called Ocean Storm by Benjamin Moore.  My friend has a bathroom painted that color, and I just kept coming back to it after trying out lots of other shades.  Dark colors are risky, and I wanted to get it right!

My art chest was bought at a yard sale and the top part is a wooden tool box.  The wood was different colors, so I painted the both white and distressed them.  The funky knobs came from World Market and the print from Etsy.  The doorway leads to the den and on to my son's room.

My painting desk is in the center of the studio under good track lighting that can be positioned.  My Pottery Barn paint set and and scissors dominate the back wall.  I had in my mind that they would pop against that dark gray wall, and they did not disappoint!  My antique bookshelf full of art books and old favorites is against the other wall beside the doorway to the den.

This is the wall right beside the back door.  That doorway leads down the hall to my daughter's bedroom and the master bedroom.  As you can see, this studio area is in the heart of the house.  This big, plain wall only had the vent on it.  I couldn't hide that, so I decided to work with it.  I have tons of prints, clippings, postcards, my artwork, etc. collected for inspiration and also just because I love images.  When we moved, I found so many that I had not seen in a long time.  I had some of them framed and hung here in a grouping.  I want to add to it as funds and time allows.

From the top left: my first art exhibition poster from Italy, my friend's sneakers I took in my college photography class, a Matisse print, a life quote on stretched canvas, a snapshot of me and my sister circa 1983, and a gorgeous owl photo purchased on Etsy.

My studio is my space.  I've tried to fill it with things that I like to look at while also providing storage and organization.  I love that I can see and hear just about everything that is going on in the house form my desk.  I also love that my family and cats pass through here a million times a day.  I also love that it is the first thing I see when I come home.