Fall Break 2014

Oh, I am already wishing I was back on the beach!  I started this post and looking at those pretty pictures...I miss it so bad!  We did our annual fall break trip to Perdido Key, Florida.  We don't usually visit the same place twice, but we've been back here for about 7 fall seasons in a row.  We love it!

Yes, Mary Jane made the trip with us!  I'm going to let her carry around her baby doll for as long as she wants to!  One of the reasons we like this area of Florida is that there are no crowds and nothing to do.  We just rest, lie around on the gorgeous beach, swim, and go out to eat at night.  That's it!

Look how pretty that water and sand is...and it's like that most days.  I played frisbee with this guy till my arm fell off!

This was the view of the community pool from my lawn chair.  You can see that in October we have the place to ourselves!  

I'm already counting the days until we are back in Perdido Key again!