How's Your School Year Going?

Mine's going great..thanks for asking!  I really am having a good school year.  I'm finally adjusted to the waking/sleeping schedule, my feet have stopped throbbing, and my voice came back.  All good things!  Now it's already time for mid nine week reports!
Don't you love this gray and aqua color combination for Mrs. Beloin?  I hope this teacher is lonving her new artwork.

My friend, Nicole Burch, does special testing in the schools and shares a room with another teacher.  She wanted a cute sign for their door but wasn't sure if two names would look right.  They're room is neutral with kind of a "hodgepodge" of things.  I came up with this pretty cream and taupe diamond background with fancy black lettering.   I love how it turned out!

And finally, here's this adorable bee canvas!  I've done several of these for this school year shipped them out all over the United States.  I love bees and my nickname is "B" so this one is a favorite for me.

Hope all of you teachers are enjoying your students as much as I am.   Even still, I've already got a Fall Break countdown going on - haha!