It's Been A Busy Week!

As a teacher, the week of Halloween is not my favorite. There's just a lot going on and a lot of excitement fueled by sugar no doubt. At home, I love Halloween. It just came so quickly this year! Add that in with football practice, Mike's meetings, and basketball season starting and..whew! You've got yourself a busy week.
Lauren's teachers at the Learning House, Mrs. Tina and Mrs. Jackie, found time to be super creative. Look at this adorable ghost they made this week. It is some kind of cloth that has been hardened and can now stand on its own as a spooky ghost. Love it!

The kiddos were feeling the burn this week as well. Even though Carter and Mike left at 8:30 this morning to go to baseball camp, Carter managed to work in a little recliner/cartoon time with his sister. Now that the boys are gone and the house is quiet, Lauren is off doing some maintenance with her baby dolls.

I got a big shipment of 8x24's in yesterday. These are reserved for all of those family canvases for Christmas...and maybe a snowman or two!

My goal this week was to finish these four 11x14 canvases. It just didn't happen. As you can see, I got a good start, but just ran out of time. Mike usually takes Carter to football practice on Tuesday and Thursday nights and that is my BIG paint time, but this week he had a meeting on Tuesday night and a basketball game on Thursday night. You just can't paint in the practice field parking lot! On the bright side, I did get four miles of walking in!

Resha's big 12x48 is due November 4. Yikes!
I'm just kidding...I have a plan and it will be done in plenty of time!

I got up and did a few things and went back to my warm bed. My head is hurting because I am having some allergy/congestion issues. I think that is why I haven't been sleeping well even though I am dog tired. Frustrating! Dee was none too happy to be kicked out of his usual spot. He just sat there staring me down like, "Aren't you going to work today?". You can see Cinco passed out behind him.
My husband brought me some juice, Advil, and Zyrtec. Ahhh, the perfect cocktail! It won't last long...I have to be at soccer at 10:20!


Chandice said…
Visiting from SITS, Happy Halloween!