Girl's Day Out

I had the pleasure of spending yesterday with my sisters and mother. I took the day off from work to go with Ashley to her doctor's appointment and then do a little fall clothes shopping. Turns out, mom was able to get away and Emily did not have to go into work until three o'clock. I had second thoughts about taking a day off, but I am so glad that I did!
Our bonding started with Target, of course! I did pretty good in the clothes department, but got more of what I really needed in the Halloween area. Check trick-or-treat candy, class treats, and khaki pants off the list!

We continued to TJ Maxx, but found nothing except one secret sister gift. Check! From there it was off the the Avenues. That place consumed a huge chunk of time and walking, but it was beautiful day and we were having fun. We ate lunch at Newk's Cafe...yummy!
I got all of the paint and ribbon I needed for upcoming projects at Michael's. Check! I now prefer to go there over Hobby Lobby. I can still easily get everything I need at a good price, and not all of the stuff I don't! I struck out big time at Discount Shoe Warehouse.

I racked up for myself at Old Navy, which is unusual. That is where I get a lot of the kids' clothes. I only got them warm PJ's, but got myself several tops, boyfriend jeans, and a brown corduroy dress. I love the rolled sleeve button down shirts they have in all of these pretty patterns and colors. Here's what I am wearing today! Check school clothes, winter PJ's, and something new for church off the list.

This is the top I wanted at Ann Taylor Loft. $39.50 for a tee is a little out of my price range. They had all kinds of beautiful sweaters and tweed dresses. Alas, I will have to wait for a sale.

Don't they say that good things come to those who wait?


I love Newk's. You can sign up for their emails and get coupons.