Back To Reality

Well, I survived my fall break excursion and now it is back to reality. I'm back to grocery shopping, cooking, and making my own bed. I am also back to painting! I bought a case of 11x14's and they are all already sold. Here is the stack being sorted on my desk.

Here is my hallway leading down to my studio. Notice there are several of those 11x14's with their backgrounds ready. I've also been working on several 8x24's. It seems the family canvases are going to be popular this Christmas.

I had just about hit my limit when I heard, "How about some cookies, pretty lady?". I could never do all that I do without the support of my husband. He keeps an eye on the kids, does laundry, answers the phone, and occasionally makes some chocolate chip cookies while I paint.

Where have we been this week? We went to Disneyworld! It was over ninety degrees and full on sun every. single. day. Now that we are home, we are freezing! What a temperature change!


Sarah Brown said…
Thanks for stopping by today---I will be back to checkout more of your beautiful artwork. PS-I looked at your other blog too--I was a 5th grade tescher before I had my kiddos=)
I love all of your work! One question, where do you order your supplies from? I am painting now and starting to get busier and am tired of making a million trips to Hobby Lobby each week :)
The Tubb Family said…
I know what you mean about getting back to reality. Our family went on a little excursion ourselves during Fall Break. We hopped on the Carnival Cruise Ship Inspiration and went to the Grand Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico. It was 98*+ each day, all sun and we came home to 40*. My bones started to hurt in my knees when we hit Atlanta.

It was a trip ranked up there with Hawaii. Dillon and Katie had a blast with me and John.

Have a great week!