New Snowman Design

I've added something new to my original snowman design. Can you find it?

It is the blue on blue diamonds running through the background. I try to look at the designs that come back year after year and update them in some way. The diamonds add a little texture, and they are just cute!
All three of these feature glass snowman beading and are currently available.
6x9 - $20.00
5x5 - $15.00


Anonymous said…
Cute! Love them all!
Monica S.
Stacey said…
Hey Brandie -

Just noticed the last date to order was November 1st. Haven't been on the blogs in probably 6 weeks due to graduate school. Do you have any of these snowmen paintings left? If so, you can give me a call or a text at 273-6812. I do have school today and tomorrow, but after that I will be home. Enjoy your break!!!!!!!!