Etsy Love

I know that Pinterest is the going thing right now, but I haven't fallen in love with it just yet. However, I do love me some etsy! I have found just about anything I've ever needed there from supplies to vintage to beautiful finished products. I get asked a lot about Lauren's clothes and that is where a lot of them come from. She is tall and thin so I like being able to send in measurements and have quality items custom made to fit properly.

My etsy shop constantly stays busy. I have made contact with buyers and other artists from all over the world that I would not have known otherwise. If you make something, I highly recommend opening up a shop! It is very easy to do!

I recently jazzed up my etsy page with some custom banners and graphics. I love this color combination and pattern. I see some inspired canvases and a blog make over in my future! Fresh Lavender Designs created these for me for only $12.00! That's a deal! Be sure to check her out!