God's Handwriting

Caroline Carter ordered this special canvas with her gift certificate from this year's Junior Miss pageant. I know it is hard to tell from the pictures (I couldn't find a good angle and you already know about the camera problems), but this one is really beautiful with lots of little touches. It is pale pink with a cream fleur de lis in the background. The lettering is in metallic silver. There is also a pearl glaze over the area with her name and the fleur de lis. Whichever way you turn it, you get a little shine!
My favorite is something new ~ velvet trim. The line dividing the quote for the name is actually a tiny strip of pale pink velvet. She wanted it "vintage, French, and feminine". With this new font, gorgeous colors, and little extras, I think this meets all of those requirements.

If your last name startes with "N", check out the pretty one on this canvas. It would be perfect for a monogram!


Suz said…
Very pretty project. Visiting from SITS & glad I did