Natasha Vaughn

Natasha ordered a family canvas to give as a gift and has another one on the way for herself. She also ordered a business sign for the Smithville Jamboree. I got a little confused. She asked me to look at her blog and match that header. Her website link is listed at the bottom of all of her emails as a part of her signature. Silly me...I clicked on that and went to work. She was so nice when I delivered it that she wasn't even going to tell me. Once we got it all cleared up, I was more than happy to do her another one.

(The top one is the keeper!)
Thank you, Natasha!


They are all so fabulous. I love everything that you've done for me. said…
Tennessee, always wanted to see!!!
Happy day to you
Federica said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm so glad cause now I found yours!
You are such a creative girl! I really like your works!
It would be great if you paint something for my new home!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Greetings from Italy,