A Really Nice Day

Today was a really nice day. Mike had a church meeting and then went to school to work. Carter spent the day at football camp. Lauren and I had the day to ourselves so we got up and went to "Corn Day" at the farmer's market. She ate corn, blueberries, blackberries, orange pound cake, and a sausage biscuit. Needless to say, she had a ball. Everyone was so nice and just kept giving her stuff. I came home with a beautiful bouquet in a Mason jar, cucumbers, tomatoes, a pound of Roller's BBQ, and a loaf of cinnamon sourdough bread. Oh my goodness!
Afterwards, we walked the Greenway and spent a little time on the playground. I have been cleaning and painting all afternoon. I got a Swiffer Wet Jet for the first time. That thing is awesome. It's right up there with the Magic Eraser! Tonight we are meeting Mike's family in Murfreesboro for dinner and then to do some camera shopping.

Does summer have to end?


Paula Wanamaker said…
Don't you just love summer, especially getting to eat a Homegrown tomato???
There's nothing better than a good ol' tomato sandwich:) YUM YUM

hope your having a great summer, much love to you and your family
paula ann
I feel the same way about summer. Thank you for the love on my SITS day!
Tanya said…
Thank you for your kind words on my blog Brandie... You are always so sweet. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful day yesterday....Our family loves walking the greenway and going to farmers market too. I hope you guys have a wonderful week.
Joy said…
You do such pretty work!

Stopping by from SITS roll call. :o)