Technical Difficulties

This has been a rough two days, technology wise. My lap top is not currently "speaking" to the internet. I have resorted to going upstairs to Carter's room and plugging it in directly to the wall. Kind of defeats the purpose of a lap top!
My camera has also started doing weird things. Any kind of light in the picture washes everything out. There are these grainy little lines that are driving me crazy. I dread the great camera search, but it looks like that is going to have to happen. Any suggestions or tips on which one would be greatly appreciated. Technology is either a blessing or a curse, depending on the day!
Today I am sharing the photos of my side of the office. Mike's side is still under construction. Please take into account the photo quality! You know what's going on there! We painted over a mural on pale yellow walls with a color I love called "streambed". It is kind of a gray/green and is the darkest wall color I've ever used. When I opened the paint can, Lauren looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Why would anyone paint a room that color?" To her, if it is not some varitety of pink or purple, it is not pretty. The color really made the white trim, closets, and plantation blinds show up.
I love being able to paint downstairs and keep an eye on everything. I also LOVE not having to set up and take down on the kitchen table over and over again. I can leave stuff out and close the door. I am also really happy to finally have the wall space to hang my huge paint set and brush. It just killed me to have it sitting in the attic.
Thanks for stopping by today. Now get out and enjoy this beautiful Friday!


Suz said…
I've had those days too... hope you get the computer back on speaking terms with the web.

Your workspace is great