Carter made this list during church Sunday morning. I couldn't help but to watch over his shoulder. Sometimes I wonder about that child, and sometimes he goes and makes me proud. He is on my mind right now because he is not with me. He has gone to Philadelphia for the week with my parents. My dad is attending a nursery convention. While he is working, Carter and my mom are going to see all of the sights. He's been away before, so it's not that. I just looked at him the other day and he is getting too big...too fast.

1. God
2. Jesus
3. Mom and Dad
4. Family
5. Friends
6. Sports
7. School
8. Pets
9. Wii
10. Vacation


*TARA* said…
That is SO sweet :)
Alison Cummins said…
This is absolutely precious and is something you will treasure forever! What a sweet boy!
Saylorsmom said…
That is a wonderful list. So smart for a little boy.
Anonymous said…
What an awesome little boy!
I know you're very proud!
Hope you have a great day:)
Monica S.
If it were me I would have put Vacations far higher up the list. Probably between God and Jesus!

thanks for stopping by my blog! Loving your artwork!
Tanya said…
Precious!! Just precious!