Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Last Snowman

I think I can safely say this is the last snowman of the season.  Spring is just around the corner!

My good customer, Sonia Boss, in Murfreesboro ordered this snowman family as a gift.  She specified the colors and wording.  I think it turned out so cute!  

I love my house in the snow.  I'm going to miss the white stuff!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Play Ball

The coming of spring means one thing at our!  Carter has played baseball since he was old enough to be in a league of any kind.  Before that, he was going to games with his dad and playing in the yard, too.

He collects baseball cards and memorizes stats.  He can keep a score book.  He's even in a fantasy league.  This kid has always loved baseball.

I'm not sure what the attraction is, but boys and men have loved the game for a long time.  I've painted lots of baseball themed canvases for players, coaches, and people who just like it.  I think it's safe to say that baseball is here to stay!

 Dream Custom Artwork got started with baseball.  I wanted a painted jersey for Carter's room and I couldn't afford one.  After looking and looking, I decided I could do that myself.  Next thing I knew, I was painting for friends and family.  Word spread and here we are!

This is my most recent baseball canvas.  It's going in a wreath made out of baseballs.  How cute is that?  

Even if you don't have a kid that plays ball, go to the park, get a hot dog, and enjoy the game!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lauren's Spa Party!

My Lauren just turned 11.  She wanted a Spa Sleepover...oh, my!  

I decided the best way to make use of our time and space was to have "stations".  The girls could go from place to place to get the different spa services.  To do this, I had to have lots of help!  A BIG thank you to the moms, grandmas, friends, and sisters that came and worked!  
There was a makeover game station where the girls made over a paper face with real makeup.  They loved that!

My two good friends, Tina and Nicole, ran the manicure and pedicure station.

There was sweet tea, lemonade, and fruit punch in the hydration station.  These cute little milk jugs with custom labels came from etsy.

My sister, Ashley, was the make up pro.  Seriously, these girls had some gorgeous makeup!
The two grandmas ran the hair station in the other bathroom.  I was the tattoo artist in the glitter tattoo station.  I just didn't get pictures!

The decorations were pretty simple.  She wanted a pink and purple themes.  All of the station signs were on pink and purple paper.  I hung up a couple of her extra invitations in the entry hall.  They came from Wal-Mart and were so affordable!

The chap sticks also have custom labels just for the party and came from etsy.  Each girl took one home as a party favor.

The den had some lanterns and tissue flowers on the mantle.  There's a big balloon bouquet in the corner.  I love the hot pink 11 and those huge round purple ones!

I did order the balloons, polka dot dishes, and the the pink handled silverware from Party City.  All of our other serving pieces I either had or bought at Dollar Tree.  The little silver tray for ice cream toppings and those ice cream bowls came from there.  They were four for a dollar!

The girls all had pizza and hot wings with celery and ranch.  We also had an ice cream sundae bar.  Lauren doesn't really like cake or icing, so she chose something a little different.  After eating, we played a few rounds of "Glamour Bingo" - which is standard bingo but with fancy words instead of numbers! - and opened presents.

Here's the birthday girl!  Doesn't she look so grown up?

Basically the next few hours looked like this!  We had a dance party and did the cha cha slide, cupid shuffle, the whip, a soul train dance line, and freestyle!  It was exhausting!
After a trip back tot he hydration station, they all settled in to watch "Nancy Drew".  I went to bed, but was woken up by giggling at 4:15.  Yes, 4:15 A.M.

They were all gone by 9:00.  I am so glad we did this on a three day weekend, and I have Monday to recover.  I'm not eleven anymore!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Macie's Paint Party!

What a fun Friday night!

This sweet birthday girl wanted a paint party!  Her mom called and we set it all up.  Macie wanted to paint flowers.  I came up with this design and off we went!

All ten guests did such a great job!  Some of them had paint experience and for some, it was their first time.  I also had an age range of about six to eleven.

Here's the crew!  Aren't they just the cutest?

Some of their finished masterpieces...

Each girl got to take home a finished 11x14 canvas.

They've all been signed, glittered, and sealed!  What a perfect party favor!

I just love all of the pretty pastel colors they chose.  All of the paintings looked so pretty together!
Thank you so much for having me, Macie and Sadie.  I enjoyed painting with you!

To find out details to book your own paint party, please email me at


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

My little girl is eleven today.  Eleven?!  When did that happen?  It honestly feels like just a couple of years ago that I was in the hospital having her.  I was scared, like any mom, but so excited to have a daughter.  She's been the perfect piece to complete our family puzzle.

She looks just like her dad, but her personality matches mine.  She is the polar opposite of her brother.  I'm not sure where those long legs and big feet came from - haha!  

She can hold her own outdoors and is super competitive, but loves dancing, pageants, and being a girly-girl.  I love having someone to shop with, even if she is brutally honest!

She's got the sweetest heart and loves babies and animals.  If there's a service project around, she's on it!  She may be "bossy" and confident, but she takes things deeply and they stay with her.

I know we're heading into the "terrible teens" and there are parts of that I am dreading and parts that I am looking forward to.  I just hope that we come through the other side with a stronger bond than ever.

I love you, Lauren, and love seeing you grow up.  I am so proud of you every single day.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Front Porch Time!

Well, it's still a little chilly, but front porch time is just around the corner!  These three cheerful porch themed canvas were shipped off to North Carolina.  They're going to be put in cute!  I'd love to see the final results!

All three of these little saying are available in any color and design combination.  I can also add ribbon for easy hanging.  They are sealed for covered outdoor use as well.  Order yours now and be ready for spring!

12x12 - $30.00
10x10 - $25.00
8x8 - $20
6x6 (not pictured but available) - $15.00

Monday, February 8, 2016

School Activities - Fourth Grade

 I haven't shared any classroom ideas in a while, so here we go!  When we were studying the colonies, we created a "Colonist Hall of Fame".  

I did this for three reasons.  One, there are so many names in our standards that there is no way to spend time on each one and make them memorable.  This was a good way to do that!  Two, the research paper is guided.  We used the laptops and read for information.  Possibly the most important skill ever!  Three, it was an opportunity to close the textbook and do something a little different.  My principal calls these "memory makers".

Here they are all down the hallway outside of the cafeteria.  Actually, this isn't all of them.  They wouldn't fit in the picture!  I've seen other classes and school visitors checking them out, too!

Here's a little closer up.  The research material - basic biography - is below.  There are small illustrations with captions in there, too.  One day we had a weird schedule and class time was cut.  I took that time and did a guided portrait drawing with each class.  Something extra - but fun!
FYI - I found the biography template on Teachers Pay Teachers and the frame in clip art.

My door needed a little something for winter.  We had our markers and crayons out to do illustrated water cycles and ended up having some extra time.  I drew a simple toboggan shape and copied it.  The students each designed their own custom toboggan!  I am all set till spring!

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Isn't this new Aunt quote lovely?  I have another Aunt quote that I've done several times, but this is the first time for this one.  The cream, teal, and brown are really pretty together, too.

I love donating gift certificates to pageants, and do so every time I am asked.  One of my pageant winners, Grace Sparkman, redeemed her certificate for a canvas for her Aunt Logan.  She asked for red and black.  Love it!