Play Ball

The coming of spring means one thing at our!  Carter has played baseball since he was old enough to be in a league of any kind.  Before that, he was going to games with his dad and playing in the yard, too.

He collects baseball cards and memorizes stats.  He can keep a score book.  He's even in a fantasy league.  This kid has always loved baseball.

I'm not sure what the attraction is, but boys and men have loved the game for a long time.  I've painted lots of baseball themed canvases for players, coaches, and people who just like it.  I think it's safe to say that baseball is here to stay!

 Dream Custom Artwork got started with baseball.  I wanted a painted jersey for Carter's room and I couldn't afford one.  After looking and looking, I decided I could do that myself.  Next thing I knew, I was painting for friends and family.  Word spread and here we are!

This is my most recent baseball canvas.  It's going in a wreath made out of baseballs.  How cute is that?  

Even if you don't have a kid that plays ball, go to the park, get a hot dog, and enjoy the game!