School Activities - Fourth Grade

 I haven't shared any classroom ideas in a while, so here we go!  When we were studying the colonies, we created a "Colonist Hall of Fame".  

I did this for three reasons.  One, there are so many names in our standards that there is no way to spend time on each one and make them memorable.  This was a good way to do that!  Two, the research paper is guided.  We used the laptops and read for information.  Possibly the most important skill ever!  Three, it was an opportunity to close the textbook and do something a little different.  My principal calls these "memory makers".

Here they are all down the hallway outside of the cafeteria.  Actually, this isn't all of them.  They wouldn't fit in the picture!  I've seen other classes and school visitors checking them out, too!

Here's a little closer up.  The research material - basic biography - is below.  There are small illustrations with captions in there, too.  One day we had a weird schedule and class time was cut.  I took that time and did a guided portrait drawing with each class.  Something extra - but fun!
FYI - I found the biography template on Teachers Pay Teachers and the frame in clip art.

My door needed a little something for winter.  We had our markers and crayons out to do illustrated water cycles and ended up having some extra time.  I drew a simple toboggan shape and copied it.  The students each designed their own custom toboggan!  I am all set till spring!