Happy Birthday, Lauren!

My little girl is eleven today.  Eleven?!  When did that happen?  It honestly feels like just a couple of years ago that I was in the hospital having her.  I was scared, like any mom, but so excited to have a daughter.  She's been the perfect piece to complete our family puzzle.

She looks just like her dad, but her personality matches mine.  She is the polar opposite of her brother.  I'm not sure where those long legs and big feet came from - haha!  

She can hold her own outdoors and is super competitive, but loves dancing, pageants, and being a girly-girl.  I love having someone to shop with, even if she is brutally honest!

She's got the sweetest heart and loves babies and animals.  If there's a service project around, she's on it!  She may be "bossy" and confident, but she takes things deeply and they stay with her.

I know we're heading into the "terrible teens" and there are parts of that I am dreading and parts that I am looking forward to.  I just hope that we come through the other side with a stronger bond than ever.

I love you, Lauren, and love seeing you grow up.  I am so proud of you every single day.