Monday, September 30, 2013

Beautiful Wedding Quotes

Oh, this saying is just so sweet.  Nicole Austin ordered this for her upcoming wedding, and I love that she kept it a really simple black and white.

Here's the companion piece - another sweet saying.

Nicole asked for no ribbon and tells me that they are going to be on easels for the wedding.  I'm sure it will be gorgeous.  Congratulations on your special day!!!

Friday, September 27, 2013


I was trying to come up with something other than a pumpkin to paint for fall.  I love squirrels and acorns.  I gave acorns a try and squirrels are on my list!  One is a large 16" circle ($40) and the other one is a smaller 8" circle ($20).  They are both available for immediate delivery!

I wish this really pretty background color would have photographed better.  It's called black plum and I've distressed is a bit for a rustic look.

They both also have burlap ribbon and a couple of leaves for a little extra color.  How perfect would one of these be in a wreath on the front door??

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sweet Baby Boy

Here's four really pieces designed for a rustic baby boy nursery.  I've got a picture somewhere of the bedding that was so cute.  It has the alphabet in the blue, yellow, brown and green along with some animals representing a few of the letters.  It's adorable!
I did this large 12x24 to hang over the crib.  I love the font!  Bethany Gregorich requested the burlap ribbon, too.

These two 5x5's feature the green that is on the trim of the big one and a couple of the animals from the quilt.  The burlap was too big so I used twine for these.

Finally, Bethany also wanted this quote.  I used more yellow on this one with the blue and green again for accents.  The lettering brings in the brown and the burlap ribbon ties it all together.
Thank you so much, Bethany!  Gray is just beautiful!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I don't know if it is ever really too early for a few snowmen!  I painted these three cuties trying out some chevron on the background.  Turns out the chevron was just too big for the 5x5 canvas.  It was just overwhelming!  I did some snow on that one instead.

The larger rectangle one is a 6x9 and costs $20.00.  The round one is an 8" circle and also costs $20.00.  The smaller 5x5 square is $15.00.  Those prices do not include shipping if needed.  They are all immediately available.

I am getting all kinds of fall and winter themed stuff ready for Pumpkinfest!  I am so excited to be a part of downtown Franklin's annual festival this year.  Click here to get all of the details and make plans to come see me!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Rustic Monograms

Oh, I've been doing some really pretty rustic monograms lately.  This large B monogram is unique because the family name is written in the side of the letter.  I love it!  I topped this one off with some fall colored sunflower ribbon.

This R monogram features a twig frame.  It took forever to break all of the sticks to the same length and glue them on there - but it was worth it!

I kept the actual letter a little unfinished looking and added some twine for hanging.  It looks pretty cute on my front door - maybe I need an M!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Baby Boys

New customer April Payne liked the birth announcement canvas design that I have available on etsy.  She wanted to make a few changes to make it perfect for her son's nursery.  She requested the light blue and sage green argyle on the top canvas and the stripes on the bottom canvas.

Instead of the name at the top, she wanted a fancy monogram - which I think turned out sooo pretty!  Since these are done in a little larger size (11x14 and 8x10) I was able to put the name on the bottom canvas like wanted as well.  I just love this one!

Believe it or not, this one is for a completely different nursery.  I just happened to have these two orders using exactly the same colors during the same week.  Isn't this just the sweetest quote for a nursery?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fair Week!

It's fair week here in Warren County, Tennessee!  I have to confess that I am not a really big fair person.  I'll go and see the kids' art entries, eat a yummy cheeseburger and a candy apple, and go to Lauren's pageant.  That's about it.  However, it is a huge event in this town!

Lauren was in the Little Miss Fairest of the Fair pageant.  She did so good and made the Top Ten.

My sister, Emily, came in from Franklin to do her makeup and help us get ready.  It's nice having a pageant pro in the family!

Carter hung around for a little while.  It didn't take long for him to find some friends to run around with!  He's qualified for several of the Fair Day sports events.  That's going to be fun to go watch!

My princess!  I'm so proud of her!

Today we are post pageant chillin'!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bright Bathrooms!

Sometimes I think about "retiring" this design.  I get a little tired of painting it.  But then I think about how many people have chosen it out of all the other possibilities for their bathrooms.  There's just something about this one - it never goes out of style!  I like this simple but fun blue on blue style.

This may be the color combination that I do the most.  There's always one of these sets on my table!  It is cream with a khaki center and has aqua, olive, orange, and yellow dots with chocolate brown accents.

This set features royal blue, light blue, and lime green dots along with royal blue accents.  It is available for purchase and immediate delivery.  I can even add ribbon if you like at no extra charge.  Shipping is included.  There's only one of these so be sure to comment quickly!
4 5x5's - $35.00

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chalkboard Wedding

I had a request from new customer Candace Watts to paint a canvas that looked like a chalkboard but wasn't actually a chalkboard.  Well, I love a challenge!

She wanted the name and established date but also this beautiful Bible verse.

I hate that the photos didn't turn as nicely as I would like.  Canvases with a black background are hard to photograph for some reason.  You get the idea of just how pretty it turned out!

Here's the sample invitation that was send for inspiration.  I pulled some of my curly-que designs from it.  I also got the idea to put the Bible verse in a box and the last name font from the invite.  I hope the Barkers love their new artwork!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Pink Giraffe

Dana Evans ordered a surprise for her daughter's new room.  I would love to see Brooke's face when she gets her canvas!  Dana just told me that the room was going to be in shades of pink and green, and that Brooke loves giraffes. 

I used a basic pattern for a giraffe shape that I had seen on an applique.  I added some girly touches and this sweet giraffe just came alive.  I love it!

Monday, September 2, 2013

School Days

Well, school is in full swing!  My feet and throat have toughened up, but I am still thoroughly enjoying a Monday off.  Here's a 6x9 canvas that I did for a male teacher.  I tried to keep it pretty masculine with simple stripes and a non-curly font!

This 10x10 teacher canvas has a black background with highlighted red dots and the name in white.  That's a little different from what I normally do and I love how it turned out.  I also really like the red gingham ribbon on top!

I teach with Sherry Taylor.  She has primary colors with black accents and smiley faces in her room.  She's adding some red chevron curtains and wanted that on her canvas.  I've never done one like this before.  I see it up and down the hallway everyday and it looks so bright and cheery!

My school year is going great so far!  I hope you all can say the same.  Enjoy!