Chalkboard Wedding

I had a request from new customer Candace Watts to paint a canvas that looked like a chalkboard but wasn't actually a chalkboard.  Well, I love a challenge!

She wanted the name and established date but also this beautiful Bible verse.

I hate that the photos didn't turn as nicely as I would like.  Canvases with a black background are hard to photograph for some reason.  You get the idea of just how pretty it turned out!

Here's the sample invitation that was send for inspiration.  I pulled some of my curly-que designs from it.  I also got the idea to put the Bible verse in a box and the last name font from the invite.  I hope the Barkers love their new artwork!


Candace said…
Thank you so much for this! I can't wait for them to open it when they return from their honeymoon!
Dana Hemelt said…
So cool! I was just at a wedding this weekend where the decor used chalkboards - for the menu, welcome sign, etc. Going to check out your etsy store right now!