Bright Bathrooms!

Sometimes I think about "retiring" this design.  I get a little tired of painting it.  But then I think about how many people have chosen it out of all the other possibilities for their bathrooms.  There's just something about this one - it never goes out of style!  I like this simple but fun blue on blue style.

This may be the color combination that I do the most.  There's always one of these sets on my table!  It is cream with a khaki center and has aqua, olive, orange, and yellow dots with chocolate brown accents.

This set features royal blue, light blue, and lime green dots along with royal blue accents.  It is available for purchase and immediate delivery.  I can even add ribbon if you like at no extra charge.  Shipping is included.  There's only one of these so be sure to comment quickly!
4 5x5's - $35.00


Love the blue and lime green combo!