Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

After being in other countries for while and getting ready to go to the beach, I have found that home sweet home is a pretty good place to be. I like my shower, my bed, my pillow, and my groove on the couch. Sometimes, however, you have to be away from home for a while to really appreciate it. Maybe that is part of why I like to travel so much!
I made this canvas for my front door to match the cutest little doormat I found at Target. It is square so I did a square 14x14 canvas. I also found the prettiest ribbon in the same shades of greens and browns. Maybe you have a favorite
something in your home...I bet I can match it, too!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back to School...Already?

It is not quite time to go back to school...yet! Thank goodness! Just kidding, I do love my job. I just love my breaks, too! These two really cool teachers are getting their classrooms ready this summer. I have to confess that there is nothing hand painted in my classroom!
Angela Cossey ordered herself a pencil for her classroom in Manchester. She saw one that I did as a Christmas gift for Carter's kindergarten teacher. She said that she thought to herself, "When I get a job, I want one of those!". I was so flattered and was happy to do it for her.
Randi Fuston ordered the hot pink one below for herself. Talk about one cool teacher! She has a plan to hang it on a bulletin board covered in lime green paper and a black border. Hmmm.... I may have to "borrow" that idea! She requested the gingham and the little touch of lime ribbon. I think this one turned out great!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hippie Chick

I LOVE this shade of aqua! It is my new favorite color! My favorite color changes almost weekly, much to the frustration of my son. Lara Hilliard ordered this one as a gift for Rayah Kirby. She wanted something "fun and funky" with a little "peace and love" mixed in.
I chose the bright colors and did the whimsical flowers. I also added some little hearts and peace signs around the outside. I wanted to capture the hippie vibe, but also be classy and appropriate for a little girl's room.
I also really liked the white letter for a little something different. This one is 11x14 and costs $30.00. The beautiful ribbon can be added at no extra charge! Thanks, Lara! I hope Rayah loved it as much as I did!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pretty in Pink

I had two pink polka dot orders in the past few weeks. They are both adorable - but look at how different they are! The first one is for Rylee Hilliard. Her mom ordered it for her. She wanted pink and greens...and a little "funky"! I used my funkiest font for her name. I also did the dots in a diagonal pattern and did the color in stripes rather than just random. I got this idea from a sign in an Old Navy! You never know where inspiration will find you!
The second one was for a gift certificate for the new Junior Auxiliary Little Sister, Lara Kate Haley. She got a gift certificate in her prize bag! Lara Kate loved the pink and chocolate and chose her monogram in the Curlz font. I also added the big chocolate satin ribbon. How pretty! Congratulations, Lara Kate! We all look forward to working with you this year!
Keep gift certificates in mind...especially for those last minute party needs! Sometimes I can't get a painting done in a day or two, but I can print you out a certificate anytime!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Holiday

Being all European and everything now, vacations are referred to as "holidays"! My holiday was awesome! My husband, Mike, and I went on a Mediterranean cruise for our ten year anniversary. For us, it really was the holiday of a lifetime.
I am on the hotel balcony in Spain. Behind me is the Gaudi designed church la Familia Sagrada. It still has about thirteen years of work left before it is completed. Amazing.
Barcelona is a port city. I loved the beaches and I am not really a boat person, but I loved seeing all of the boats docked. The next one is a walkway in Villefranche, France. Another port city, but this one one was more of a small fishing town. One sidewalk lined with shops and cafes was about all there was to it. It was beautiful and didn't need anything else. Every window had a box of flowers under it. We spent part of the day there and then took a bus to Monaco and Monte Carlo.
Okay, we are typical, dorky tourists and had to have a picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Mike wouldn't let me post the one he made me take of him "pushing" the tower over. It may pop up later!!
The last one is going to have to be my answer to Tab's self portrait challenge. If Steph's wasn't actually taken by her, then mine doesn't have to be either! I did do the editing! This is me eating pizza in Naples. Bien!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Carter is Six!

My little boy is six years old today. The time just flies, doesn't it? This is a picture from his kindergarten graduation last month. They had a beach theme, it was so cute!
Mike and I have been on an anniversary trip for the past ten days (photos coming!) and I missed the kids so much. Everything we saw made us think of them somehow. It is so true that kids change everything.
Carter asks questions constantly, bargains everything, hates to take a bath and brush his teeth, loves sports stats, memorizes teams and mascots for some reason, and is afraid of snakes. He likes to travel, learn about history, go swimming (but hates to be thrown in!), play coach pitch and soccer, and is the most curious person I have ever known.
I hope my special boy has a special day! Happy Birthday!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Girl Stuff

I thought these two would be perfect for any little girl. Daphne Campbell ordered them as gifts for her family and friends. Noa's room is in lime and lavender with a "Tinkerbell" theme. Eden's room is all out pink with a Disney Princess theme.
Because of copyright laws, I cannot copy cartoon characters. I can do things to compliment your theme and your colors. I think these two will look really cute in their rooms! Thanks Daphne!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Addison's Stripes

I think I've already told you all about how one of my favorite things about my little business is getting to meet new people. Lots of times I don't actually get to meet new customers at all! We email and sometimes talk on the phone, but lots of times delivery is just a drop off or pick up thing.
That was the case with Candace Smith, a great new customer. We emailed a bunch and talked on the phone once, but we've never met. She ordered this pretty canvas for her daughter, Addison. She emailed me a photo pf the fabric used for the curtains in her nursery and I matched it.
Candace had the great idea to make it a little more "grown-up" looking so Addison could use it for a long time. This one would look great in a baby's nursery, teen-agers room, or even my living room! The 5x5's are always $12.00!

Dog Days of Summer

I don't think it is technically the dog days of summer yet, but it sure has felt like it lately. The Mansfields have been hanging at the pool quite a bit! One day I did actually do the yardwork I badly needed to do and Mike snuck in this sweet picture of Carter and Riley. There really isn't anything like a boy and his dog!
Have a great summer!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tea for Gracie

A wonderful new customer, Daphne Campbell, ordered this cute canvas to match her daughter's bedding. I love the colors and the teacup. There is a small paisley pattern along the rim of the cup. I am now working on a cupcake on a plate to match it. How cute!
Thanks, Daphne for your order. I loved getting the chance to do something a little different! This one is 12x12 square. It also has several different ribbons attached, instead on one big one. I wanted to work in pink and green! The teacup is $30.00.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

For the Girl Who Loves Everything

Here is the companion piece to "The Boy Who Loves Everything". That one was posted a while back and you can still see it in the past posts. That one was for Camron Newport. This one is for his baby sister, Zoe Beth. They will be so cute hanging together!
While Camron's was yellow, this one is a pale green. They both have red letters in the "Wiggle" font. This one features a variety of cute insects and, of course, a princess crown! Any assortment of things can be put on your canvas to match your child's interests.
Camron's and Zoe Beth's are 11x14 and cost $30.00. They can be done in any color or font - make them truly custom! I photographed this one after I had wrapped it for delivery.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Think Patriotic

With Independence Day coming up, it is time to think patriotic. Even though I am on break until June 20th, I can still get you a flag in time for the Fourth of July holiday. These funky flags make a great gift! I did this one for my "neighbor" Robin Burton. We have taught beside each other for four years. She is moving schools this year. Things won't be the same without her next door!
I decided to put a new spin on the stars and stripes. There are no stars at all! I used a Vera Bradley bag for inspiration on the paisley print. I also used cream, burgundy, and navy for a more modern look with the colors. The flags are 6x9 and come with a burgundy ribbon attached for hanging, unless otherwise specified. They are $25.00 each.