The Holiday

Being all European and everything now, vacations are referred to as "holidays"! My holiday was awesome! My husband, Mike, and I went on a Mediterranean cruise for our ten year anniversary. For us, it really was the holiday of a lifetime.
I am on the hotel balcony in Spain. Behind me is the Gaudi designed church la Familia Sagrada. It still has about thirteen years of work left before it is completed. Amazing.
Barcelona is a port city. I loved the beaches and I am not really a boat person, but I loved seeing all of the boats docked. The next one is a walkway in Villefranche, France. Another port city, but this one one was more of a small fishing town. One sidewalk lined with shops and cafes was about all there was to it. It was beautiful and didn't need anything else. Every window had a box of flowers under it. We spent part of the day there and then took a bus to Monaco and Monte Carlo.
Okay, we are typical, dorky tourists and had to have a picture in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Mike wouldn't let me post the one he made me take of him "pushing" the tower over. It may pop up later!!
The last one is going to have to be my answer to Tab's self portrait challenge. If Steph's wasn't actually taken by her, then mine doesn't have to be either! I did do the editing! This is me eating pizza in Naples. Bien!


Brandie You look gorgeous!! Looks like you two had a wonderful trip!!!:)