Home Sweet Home

After being in other countries for while and getting ready to go to the beach, I have found that home sweet home is a pretty good place to be. I like my shower, my bed, my pillow, and my groove on the couch. Sometimes, however, you have to be away from home for a while to really appreciate it. Maybe that is part of why I like to travel so much!
I made this canvas for my front door to match the cutest little doormat I found at Target. It is square so I did a square 14x14 canvas. I also found the prettiest ribbon in the same shades of greens and browns. Maybe you have a favorite
something in your home...I bet I can match it, too!


B- I love this one!!!
Tammy said…
Another winner!!! You know I have to have one of these to grace the entrance to the Sliger home:) I'll be calling you!
Brandie said…
Tammy and Tabetha, you guys always have the nicest things to say. I really appreciate the compliments and encouragement! Thanks a bunch!