Show Us Your Life - Crafts for Kids

I'm so excited to be linking up with Kelly's Korner today to show off some great crafts for kids!  I am also really excited to go and visit all of you and get tons of new ideas!  I am an elementary school teacher and love to incorporate art into my lessons whenever possible.  I am also an artist and I'm starting some art classes this summer.  I am so looking forward to it!  If you'd like to check out the schedule, here's the link to my class blog.  Now, on to some crafting...

As you can see, I am an artsy-craftsy person.  Always have been!  Although most of my projects do involve painting, I've tried to dig up some variety for you.  My daughter and I painted these wooden boards to be mini chalkboards!  They turned out so cute!  Here's the link to see step by step instructions.

This is one of my favorite projects ever!  The Pottery Barn Kids flower covered lampshade that my daughter wanted was totally out of my budget, so I  made one!  Here's the tutorial for that one.

I am teacher at an elementary school and at our local college.  I tie-dye each year with both groups!  Here's the link to see more tie dying and to get tips on products to use and folding techniques.  Go get your hippie on!

One of my favorite projects that I've recently taken on is working with buttons.  These buttons were just purchased at the craft store, but how fun would it be to work with some vintage buttons or family heirlooms?  I can see some beautiful projects with a vintage feel.

I fell in love with the plain wooden owl cut outs and bought them without really having a plan.  Turns out that they made wonderful bow hangers.  I just painted them up super cute and used the staple gun to attach grosgrain ribbon.  Don't use the silky kind for this project - the bows just slide right off!

I've been experimenting with burlap lately.  I love using it my home because I like that outdoorsy feel and it is not very expensive.  We had our church youth group over for a dinner and I whipped up this little banner for the mantle with scrap burlap, ribbon, paint, and a little stitch witch.  Perfect!
I hope you enjoyed some of my past projects!  This is by no means all of them.  Please feel free to browse the blog and check out all of the others.  Have a great day!