Flower Lampshade Project

It all started when Lauren and I saw this lampshade covered with flowers at Pottery Barn Kids.  We both loved it and knew it would be perfect in her room.  She already had this sweet, simple white lamp base.  (I bent over to tuck her in one night with a paintbrush in my teeth and got paint on the old lampshade.  I owed her one!)  Then I saw the price tag - $65.00 - and gently put it back.  Are you kidding me?!  

We then went and bought the supplies to make our own.  This plain barrel lampshade came from Lowe's for about $10.00.  The craft glue came fro Michael's for about $4.00.  I did not use a hot glue gun because the glue would heat up from the bulb and the flowers fall off.

We bought pale aqua and white gerber daisies for about $20.00 at Michael's, too.  They were on sale and would probably had been more like $30-$35 if not.  However, Michaels's always has great coupons.  The gerber daisies work well for this project because they are flat and cover a lot of space.  Take them off of their stems and trim and extra plastic off of the back of the flower.  The flatter the better!

The rest is pretty simple.  You just have to be patient and let each section dry.  This is not a quick project, but it is easy!  Put a good glob of glue under each flower in a section of the lampshade and clip it with clothespins.  It needs to completely dry before you turn it and do another section.  The waiting is the only hard part!  Do a complete row all the way around the top and bottom first and then fill in the middle row.

Here's what it looks like all finished and lit up.  So pretty and costs a lot less than the Pottery Barn version!  


misssrobin said…
Very cute! Thanks for sharing.
Connie said…
Love this post, please link it up with me on Wow Us Wednesday at Family Home and Life.