End of the Year Lists

My favorite thing about this time of the year is all of the lists.  My stocking was full of magazines with the top ten movies of the year, books of the year, and (my most favorite of all) best and worst dressed.  Yes, Santa knows that I love a good list!  I decided that my final post of the year should be a couple of lists.  Here's a list pf my top ten favorite canvases from the wonderful year that was 2012...

10.  K, L, and Y monograms - this made the list because I think they are so pretty together and a true complete set.  There is a lot of detail work (and dots!) in each one.  Also, the mom was so sweet and has ordered so many pretty pieces for these girls' rooms!

9. Merry Christmas from the Blacks -  this made the list because it marked a challenge overcame for me.  Getting dots, stripes, and a Santa all on the same canvas was no small feat.

8. The Meredith Prayer - this made the list because I sort of tear up every time I paint it.  I've painted it lots of times since, but this is the original.  All of the things a kid needs are right here.

7. The Bathroom Set - this made the list because it is a classic.  I don't know how many bathroom sets I've painted over the years and I know there's too many dots to count.  This one particular set was my favorite of the year because of the color combination...all of my favorites!

6. I Love You Forever - this made the list because it is an experiment that turned out beautifully.  I tried the scalloped edges and dots in varying sizes for the first time.  It turned out just like I had it pictured in my head and, trust me, that doesn't always happen!

5. Teacher's Canvases - this made the list because this is probably what I paint the most.  I also happen to love honoring teachers and creating special gifts for them.  I chose these two to represent teacher canvases because that owl and that worm in the apple are just so bright and happy.  I know the kids like to see them coming down the hall!  

4. Mary Claire - this one made the list just because I love it.  Plain and simple.  I love everything about it from the colors and the font to the stripes and little rosebuds.  Love it.

3. The New Wedding Design - this one made the list because it is the new hit of the year.  This design first showed up with the Avett Brothers song lyrics pictures above with a wedding name and date below.  It quickly look off into lots of other wedding songs and then to special Bible verses.  

2. The Pooh Quote - this made the list because it never gets old.  I've painted this super sweet Christopher Robin quote so many times and in so many different ways it's not even funny.  I even shipped one to Australia!  This one was chosen out of all of the others because it is so different.  It was meant to match the little girl's bedding and just turned out perfectly.  I love it when that happens!

1. Austie - this made the list because of the unusual color combination and challenging pattern combinations.  It moved up the list because I love "The Help" and Audrey Hepburn quotes.  It topped the list because the whole entire set works so well together.  So pretty!

Okay, that was my top ten.  Here's the top ten looked at posts by viewers like you!

Was you favorite on there?


I found you!! I've been searching for your blog for awhile now as I ordered the 'Meredith Canvas' way back in 2012. I am so happy to find you. We love love love the canvas and I wanted to order more for her room. I am also so teary thinking that the little poem is one of your favourites from 2012. Thank you!