Brown Sugar Body Scrub

I gave out several jars of homemade Brown Sugar Body Scrub as Christmas gift this year. I've had requests to share the recipe. I admit that this is not my original recipe. My very crafty friend, Sonya Cantrell, made this for our annual ladies' retreat at church and I fell in love.
I have very dry skin, especially in the winter, and really had not found anything that helped long term...until this! I love using it because it is inexpensive, all natural, smells great, and it really does work. Enjoy!

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons honey
Mix well

That's it! Really! I quadruple the recipe when making a large batch for gifts and it works great. I put mine is a classic mason jar, added a bit of ribbon, and printed some labels on a favorite scrapbooking paper.


ellaandmommy said…
I can't wait to make some of this. Thanks for sharing :)

Hope Lauren has a wonderful birthday Saturday. I heard that the Disney fairy (aka Bree) did some shopping for her.
Mim said…
Didn't you just know that I wanted to jump into your post and hope that the scrub would rub off????
Sounds wonderful!!
30 something said…
So glad you liked it! You should try the coffe one too! oh the smell is wonderful.

Anne said…
I'm here from Tip Junkie. I can't wait to try this! I love sugar scrubs but they can get so expensive - thanks for sharing this!
Melissa said…
I am also here from Tip Junkie and I can't wait to try this!! thanks so much for sharing :O)
I found your post through Tip Junkie.

Thanks for sharing the recipe now we can all have soft smooth skin all the time.

Dani said…
I'm also from Tip Junkie!

This sounds great! Someone mentioned a coffe scrub too! Do we get to find out how that is made too?

Oh.... I bet this would feel really good to my daughter. She has severe exzema. I may try this tonight! Thanks!
dylansmommy said…
Thank you so much for sharing this simple body scrub recipe! So many call for esence oils and this one is just what I won't break the bank!
I'm also here from Tip Junkie. Great and simple recipe. I can't wait to try this. Someone mentioned the coffee scrub. Wold love to have that one.
"M" Clan said…
This looks awesome, I stumbled on your site while searching for fun homemade crafts to do with our church group of girls, and this looks fun and perfect! Thanks for sharing :)
You said you quadruple the recipe when making gifts. Can you tell me how many that yields?
Tiffeny said…
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Tiffeny said…
I made some last night and wondered if anyone else has tried it. My oil kept separating from the sugar and pooling at the bottom. Also, it was pretty lumpy and I had a hard time getting the sugar smooth. Any ideas from those who have made it?
Also, any thoughts on using different kind of oils? Canola, Grapeseed, etc.
I did actually use it this morning and it made my skin feel so silky. Just trying to master the presentation. Thanks.
Tammy Morton said…
Hi I just found this and was wondering if you could tell me how many jars this made after quadrupling the recipe? We have about 20 girls.

Thank you!