End of the School Year

Well, the end of the school year is here and I have to admit that I am feeling sad.  Usually I can't wait for summer, and don't get me wrong, I still am!  As many of you know, I made a school change this year.  My first year at Centertown has been wonderful and it was just the boost that I needed.  I had a super sweet, super smart class and I will miss them.
The good news is that I have a very nice, restful summer planned and will spend some much needed time with my own children.  Then I am moving up with my fifth graders to the sixth grade!  I won't have all of the same homeroom students, but I will have them all again for Science.  Yay!

Here's proof that I have been painting!  All of these are finished and have been shipped.  I'll blog more details and color pics soon!

I really wanted to share my end of the year gifts.  I got the idea from pinterest, but took it and made it my own.  I ordered the tags and bags from this etsy shop.  They were printed and delivered in record time at a great price!

The friendship bracelets came from this etsy shop.  They were so sweet to work with and threw in one free bracelet to make my numbers work out.  I thought this was perfect for boys and girls.  I can't wait to hand them out tomorrow!

Here's the crew!  I love you all and hope you have a safe and happy summer!


Anonymous said…
thats a really cute way to end the school year. I have nothing planned, I'm a crappy mom that way :)
Fire Wife said…
What a cute idea with the bracelets!