Show Us Your Life - Christmas Cards

It's Christmas card day at Kelly's Korner!  I love giving and getting Christmas cards and can't wait to go look at all of yours.  I shared this little side table with my new ruffled burlap runner before.  It had a canvas picture of my son above it.  I finally found a way to hang all of my cards so everyone can see them.

I used clear double sided tape to attach a small strip of burlap ribbon from window frame to window frame.  This is the area right in between our kitchen and den so we get to enjoy them.  I found these really cute tiny clothespins for half price at Michael's.

Here's our card this year!  I love it with all of our smiling faces and that big strip of polka dots.

The very talented Dawn Winton took our portraits in late summer.  These were all taken in a local park.  I wanted us to coordinate but not be too matchy.

Look at my sweet girl!  She looks so pretty and grown up.

Speaking of grown up!  Baby boy looks like a little man.  Yikes!


The Yarbrough's said…
Thanks for sharing!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!
Rachel Easley said…
Stopping by from Kelly' the polka dots! And what cute kids you have!