Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Snowman

Isn't this the happiest little snowman you've ever seen?  I say little, but actually he's a large 20x24!  I love all of the colors and the sweet expression on his face.  

A yellow background is different for me for a snowman.  I usually do blue and sometimes khaki.  This is was was requested, so I gave it a shot!  I think it turned out great!  There's lots of shading on the scarf and in the holly and berries.  It's also coated around the edges with glitter for a little added sparkle.
He'll be perfect to display all winter long!  Thank you so much, Stephanie!  

Monday, December 21, 2015

Teacher Gifts

Party day is over...I can finally post the teacher gifts!  Haha!  I painted several and tried to keep all of the pictures in one place so I would leave anyone out.   These two pretty chevron designs shipped to Cookeville.  The aqua is actually glitter and looks so pretty and sparkly in person!

I love the red, white, and blue chevron that went to the Warren County High School!

All of these sweet little 5x5's went to some very special PreK/K teachers.  Don't you just love all of these happy colors?

These two 4x12's are in Middle Tennessee Christian's school colors of orange and black.  So cute!

I love the sombrero for the Spanish teacher and the book and pencil for the English teacher.  Such a great gift!

Finally, some adorable ladybugs in red, white, and black on an 11x14.

I hops all of the teachers who received canvases for Christmas loved them and will enjoy them in their classrooms for years to come!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mr. Mansfield!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Baby Ballerina

I've done lots of these birth announcement canvases, and they are always so sweet.  Most of the time, they are just in stripes or dots in the nursery colors.  Tena Self requested ballet shoes on her granddaughter's canvas.  She also asked for pinks and grays.  Love!!!!
Seriously, this was my room colors as a teen and I was a ballet dancer.

Now, Tena ordered hers after Maggie was born and I filled in all of the information.  You can order before baby gets here and fill in the information yourself after.  A Sharpie works great on the sealed canvas.
They are perfect for the hospital and then to take home to the nursery.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What's Been Going On?

Well, a lot!   Isn't this the busiest time of the year for everyone?  Aside from the usual work, sports, dance, cooking cleaning,'ve got all of this extra stuff going on, too.  It's great.  I'm just glad it doesn't last all year!
My sister works retail, so we won't see her until January.  No kidding.  Lauren and I kept baby Behr on Saturday.  Spending the day with this sweet little nugget was just the best!

Lauren's got a big pageant coming up on the 19th, so we're practicing and preparing for that.  This pageant benefits a charity that delivers hygiene items to teens in public housing in the Middle Tennessee area.  She's been collecting and counting for about a month now.  I'm so proud of her!

I had an off season flash sale on facebook, and it went over great!  I got all of those items personalized and delivered.

I chaperoned the Beta Club to their annual convention at Opryland Hotel.  This is always one of my favorite weekends of the year.  As usual, we had a ball!

I've signed my name lots and lots of times.  Thank you all for the Christmas orders!  I've loved painting for each and every one of you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Our Trees...

I think this is the earliest I've had our trees up and completely decorated.  It just worked out better with my schedule to do the earlier rather than later.  We just get to enjoy them longer!  This is our den tree.  Last year I broke down and bought this new prelit tree.  Let me tell you, this is the way to go!  It just snaps together and plugs in...that's it!
This tree holds all of our old family ornaments passed down to me and Mike.  Ones from our first few years of marriage, ones for new babies, and ones from our trips are all on here.  I use burlap as accents in the garland because it matches our other decorations.  You can see it, but we also have a burlap tree skirt!

This tree is in my daughter's room.  I never thought I'd have a white tree, but the pine one just didn't look right in there.   She's got a pale lime and aqua room so that's the color scheme she chose.   She keeps all of her ballerina ornaments on here, too.  It looks really pretty lit up at night and reflecting in her dresser mirror.

My son's tree has wooden sports garland and red accents.  He has collected lots of sports ornaments over the years so his tree is filled with them.  This also made some space on my den tree!  He's got his Vanderbilt nutcracker up there, too.  I need a tree skirt for this one!

I do have one more tree that' not quite finished.  None of these trees are in a window or face the road from our house.  I like to put one in the front room (my studio) so our house looks "Christmasy"!  I have lots of candy, gingerbread, and cooking ornaments from my mom.  I'll share that one as soon as it's up.

Thanks fo stopping by!  Remember to get those Christmas canvas orders in soon!