What's Been Going On?

Well, a lot!   Isn't this the busiest time of the year for everyone?  Aside from the usual work, sports, dance, cooking cleaning, homework...you've got all of this extra stuff going on, too.  It's great.  I'm just glad it doesn't last all year!
My sister works retail, so we won't see her until January.  No kidding.  Lauren and I kept baby Behr on Saturday.  Spending the day with this sweet little nugget was just the best!

Lauren's got a big pageant coming up on the 19th, so we're practicing and preparing for that.  This pageant benefits a charity that delivers hygiene items to teens in public housing in the Middle Tennessee area.  She's been collecting and counting for about a month now.  I'm so proud of her!

I had an off season flash sale on facebook, and it went over great!  I got all of those items personalized and delivered.

I chaperoned the Beta Club to their annual convention at Opryland Hotel.  This is always one of my favorite weekends of the year.  As usual, we had a ball!

I've signed my name lots and lots of times.  Thank you all for the Christmas orders!  I've loved painting for each and every one of you!