Friday, February 27, 2015

Eiffel Towers...and More Snow!

I taught my first painting class at the iLearn Center here in McMinnville this week.  The theme was Eiffel Towers and the class range was 6-10 years old.  I have 6 little girls who painted with me and we had the best time!  Addison was a perfectionist and did so well!  She kept her brushstrokes smooth and even and did an awesome job shading.  

Kiera spent a lot of time on her sky using lots of shades of blue and choosing to do clouds.   I love her fancy tree roots and the heart she added in the tower.  This was her first painting class ever - awesome!

Baylee did swirls and dots in her sky and really wanted to use aqua and hot pink to match her room.  She really focused on all of the little details in the trees and flowers.  I love it!

Isn't Emma's just the sweetest thing?  She added her monogram in the heart on the tower.  Like Baylee, she also worked so hard on all of the little tree and flower details.  I think the patterns on her tower are really neat, too!

Trinity is just six years old!  Look how well this little girl paints!  She's really got an eye for color and pattern.  I just love all of the texture she put in her her sky.  Trinity loved the rhinestones and added a bunch to her flowers!

Lauren chose to only put dots in her sky.  She also added a lot of pattern to her tower and really made it stand out.  Cute!

I love hoe they're all the same and different at the same time.  Each girl added their own little bit of personality and flair!  My next scheduled class is March 13th.  I'll be painting cats and dogs with a little younger age group.  Should be fun!

It snowed again!  This was a wet snow that just added a white outline to everything.  Gorgeous!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lots of Bathroom Dots!

Oh, there's been lots of dots being painted around here!  I've had some snow days so I've been using the time (mostly wisely!) to catch up on orders.  I did this set of 5x5 bathroom dots to match a neutral colored bathroom for a little boy.  He's got cream walls and cute owl shower curtain in these colors.  It's going to be so cute all together!

No matter how late I stay up and paint, "studio cat" is right there with me.  She sleeps in the chair while I paint at my desk and gets in the floor with me to do all of the ribbons and wrapping.  So sweet!

This bathroom set is a little larger size with 8x8 canvases.   This one is for an older girl and she's got the coolest shower curtain with a hot pink, yellow, aqua, and purple design.  I did the accents in black and aqua ribbon was requested.  I almost always do this set on the 5x5 but really enjoyed having the extra space!

Since I'm getting a surprise snow day again today, here's one for you all, too!  Use the code SNOWDAY on the etsy shop - today, Thursday, February 26, only - and get a whopping 25% off your entire purchase!  Woohoo!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Being a Brother...

I don't have any brothers.  I've got two sisters (you can see their pic in the sidebar!) who are my best friends in the whole world.  Even though we do look out for each other, I'm sure there is a level of protection that only a brother can provide.

I've painted this quote several times and have orders in for several more.  I think it is just the sweetest sentiment.

These are both 11x14's and cost $30.00.  They shipped out to different parts of the country!  As you can see, they are easily formatted to fit your room decor.  One is vertical with the highlighted words in red and the other is horizontal with the highlighted words in khaki.  Both are perfect!

Thursday, February 19, 2015


I'm never sure when someone asks for a black background.  I always lean toward a light colored background with darker writing.  It always turns out so pretty!  Proof that I need to get out of my comfort zone more often!

Tiffany Judkins has a white front door and wanted the black so it would stand out.  She left the dot color choices to me.  I know she likes the beach and the aquas and greens are always my favorite!  The colors really popped on the black.  It's hard to tell, but it has also been coated with a fine glitter for lots of sparkle.  I love it!

In family news, we welcomed Lauren to double digits!  She is our Valentine baby and it's just hard to believe that she's ten years old!  Here she is headed out on a Father/Daughter Date Night.  We had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Many Mini's...

I've been burning the midnight oil to keep up with my painting.  My sweet little "studio cat" is always there to keep me company long after everyone else has gone to bed!

I've done a series of smaller canvases with all sorts of dots.  They're so cute!  This 5x5 in shades of pinks and purples is sold, but the 3x9 is available for immediate personalization and delivery for just $10.00.  I love the pink gingham ribbon!  How cute for a little girl's birthday?

Here's a close up!  There's lots of shading in all those dots.

All of these 5x7's are available.  There's a tropical dots on white that has been glittered, a primary dots on white, and a primary dots on black.  They are perfect for teachers!!

There's the pink and purple 3x9 shown in the earlier picture.  It has been glittered!  There's also a tropical dots on black with glitter and a primary dots on white.  I really like this size for a name or cute little saying.  All of these are available for just $10.00, too!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

iLearn Art Classes!!

 I'm so, so , so happy to announce that I am the newest staff member at McMinnville's own iLearn Center!  I'm even happier that our town has this wonderful facility to bring arts to our youth.
Since I am still teaching school during the day and have two busy kids, I am only offering one class in February and one class in March.  Hopefully, there'll be lots more to follow!

Tuesday, February 24 - 4:30-6:30 - Eiffel Towers - open to ages 8, 9, and 10 - acrylic on 16x20 canvas.  $30.00  includes class fee and all supplies!
Here are my two inspiration pieces.  Our artwork will be my combination of the two plus some of my own touches!

Friday, March 13 - 6:00-8:00 - Parent's Night Out Painting Class - drop them off any enjoy a nice dinner out:)! - Cat or Dog - open to ages 6, 7, and 8 - acrylic on 16x20 canvas - $30.00 includes class fee and all supplies!
Here's the inspiration pieces for the dog and cat design.  Aren't they just the cutest things?

Help spread the word...share with anyone you think might be interested in art classes!!

 There will also be two classes offered during the month of April and two during the month of May.  I'd love to hear your requests and suggestions for age groupings and subject material.
You can visit the iLearn website for directions, a complete schedule, and to book classes.  I am keeping my class sizes small for lots of personal attention!  These dates were just finalized today, so please give them time to get them listed.  Please let me know if you have any questions!  Thank you!!!

iLearn site:
My class site: