Friday, April 26, 2013

Polka Dots!

Here's some really pretty dots that have come across my table lately!  This 8x10 is for Tonya Reagan to give to her mom for Mother's Day.  She runs a daycare in her home and Tonya thought she might like a sign for the door.  I thought it turned out so bright and cheery!

This was an etsy order for a small business.  It shipped out a couple of weeks ago and I got a message from Candace that she loved it!  Yay!

The pastel dots were also an etsy order that shipped out a while back.  There was some really pretty pastel Pooh bedding that it was designed to match.

This is the Pooh quote that I do lots with a few custom changes.  It was requested to shorten it down a bit and to put some of the key words in a different font.  It turned out so peaceful and pretty - prefect for a nursery!

Here's some primary dots that are absolutely perfect for the classroom.  This little 5x5 shipped all the way to Scotland!  I love the gingham ribbon topper.  I'm doing my room next year in a aqua and red combo and may be needing something similar for myself!

Yes, I'm already planning for next year!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Stephanie Vance in Woodbury, Tennessee ordered this 16x20 quote for her bedroom.  She says that the walls are a chocolate brown and the bedding is gray and white.  I thought the white background of the canvas would really stand out on that dark wall.

I also did the word "blessed" in the background in gray to tie in that bedding color.  I think it turned out really pretty and is such a sweet saying.  Thank you, Stephanie!  It was a pleasure!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Best Background Color Ever...

...has got to be khaki!  It's dark but not too dark.  It goes with so many other colors.  Best of all, it provides a lovely backdrop for whatever needs to be in the foreground.  I go through bottles and bottles of this paint!

Here's two really cute "remove your shoes" signs that I've recently completed.  

This one always cracks me up!

This 10x10 is so sweet for all of you dog lovers out there.

Finally, here's two family rules with the khaki background.  These 8x24's are really cute, but also have important life lessons to remember.  The best thing is that the rules can be custom painted to match your home or classroom needs.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Show Us Your Life - Crafts for Kids

I'm so excited to be linking up with Kelly's Korner today to show off some great crafts for kids!  I am also really excited to go and visit all of you and get tons of new ideas!  I am an elementary school teacher and love to incorporate art into my lessons whenever possible.  I am also an artist and I'm starting some art classes this summer.  I am so looking forward to it!  If you'd like to check out the schedule, here's the link to my class blog.  Now, on to some crafting...

As you can see, I am an artsy-craftsy person.  Always have been!  Although most of my projects do involve painting, I've tried to dig up some variety for you.  My daughter and I painted these wooden boards to be mini chalkboards!  They turned out so cute!  Here's the link to see step by step instructions.

This is one of my favorite projects ever!  The Pottery Barn Kids flower covered lampshade that my daughter wanted was totally out of my budget, so I  made one!  Here's the tutorial for that one.

I am teacher at an elementary school and at our local college.  I tie-dye each year with both groups!  Here's the link to see more tie dying and to get tips on products to use and folding techniques.  Go get your hippie on!

One of my favorite projects that I've recently taken on is working with buttons.  These buttons were just purchased at the craft store, but how fun would it be to work with some vintage buttons or family heirlooms?  I can see some beautiful projects with a vintage feel.

I fell in love with the plain wooden owl cut outs and bought them without really having a plan.  Turns out that they made wonderful bow hangers.  I just painted them up super cute and used the staple gun to attach grosgrain ribbon.  Don't use the silky kind for this project - the bows just slide right off!

I've been experimenting with burlap lately.  I love using it my home because I like that outdoorsy feel and it is not very expensive.  We had our church youth group over for a dinner and I whipped up this little banner for the mantle with scrap burlap, ribbon, paint, and a little stitch witch.  Perfect!
I hope you enjoyed some of my past projects!  This is by no means all of them.  Please feel free to browse the blog and check out all of the others.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stripes, Stripes, and More Stripes!

I know I paint a lot of dots and chevron has become quite popular, but it seems like there sure has been a lot of stripes lately!  This 11x14 was custom painted to match some birthday party decorations.  This was on the front door greeting the guests.  What a great idea!

This 12x24 red, navy, and yellow design was a recent etsy order.  This one was designed to go with a nautical themed room.  I also painted another one exactly like it with a different name, of course, that was for a superhero themed room.  I forgot to snap a picture of that one!  I love that most designs are very versatile and can be used for a long time even if the decor changes.

This very large (18x24) and very beautiful monogram was ordered to go over a headboard.  The bedding has the gold and brown in it along with other earth tones.  This one is simple and classic.  I love it!

Finally, here's some stripes in the background with dots all around.  This was an 8x24 etsy order.  I've done this design several times and in several different colors.  It always turns out so pretty and is perfect for any little girl's room!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Owl and Fox

Here's an adorable set for a baby boy's nursery.  I love that all four can be hung together in a grouping or separately as needed.

Here's the two 4x12's that feature a Bible verse and a quote that the mother chose.  They have both been slightly distressed to go with the rustic feel of the bedding.

This bedding is so cute!  I love all of the different patterns and the earth tones.  All of the little animals are really precious, too.

There was a lot to choose from but the owl and the fox were requested for the two 5x5's.  I think they match really well.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Show Us Your Life - Workout/Health Tips

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to feature our health/workout tips.  Let me just start by saying that working out is NOT my strong suit.  I do try to walk 30 minutes a day, but honestly, sometimes I don't even get that done.  It's hard and I have so much admiration for those of you who make it a priority!

My family and I trained for the Titan's 5K last summer.  It helped for us all to have a goal and motivated us to work together.  It got everyone off the couch and out the door for a little while anyway!  We are going to do it again this year and maybe even look for another one in our area.

Monday, April 8, 2013


This really pretty 16x20 canvas is so classic and just plain pretty.  The colors are so nice and calming.  The argyle just adds the perfect touch of masculine.

The chocolate brown name stands out over the background pattern.  I also love the ticking along the stripes.

Here's a pic of the bedding that it was designed to match.  I think it is going to look soooo good in that room!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


A little pink owl here...

a little pink rhinestone there...

All of these elements together make the prettiest canvas!  The soft lime green stripes in the background, the fine yellow border, the fancy hot pink lettering, the super cute owl, and even the little rhinestones all compliment each other so well.  I know this will be the perfect finishing touch to little Aleigha's nursery!

Click here to see the sister piece that was done a few years ago.  Congrats on the new baby girl, Ashley!