Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Last Few Sale Days...

 Just a reminder about the ongoing sale...Any 4x12 canvas ordered between now and May 1 is         marked down from $20.00 to just $12.00!  That's an awesome sale price!!  A $4.00 shipping fee (per order, not canvas!) will be added to all of you who are not local. 

There's so many great design options for this size.  Keep your teachers, new babies, weddings, and graduates in mind!

You better hurry!  Only a few days left...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Butterfly Painting Class

Well, I had my first PreK-K painting class recently.  Let me tell you, painting with the little ones is a trip!  They are so much fun and say the funniest things.  I laughed more than I have in along time!  Here's my three little artists, Aubrey, Katherine, and Brynlee.

Here's Aubrey's finished butterfly.  She got a little tired there at the end but was completely re-energized by the adding of beads and sequins!

Here I am painting with Brynlee.  She was very specific about what she wanted.  I love a woman with vision!

This was a "Mommy and Me" class so each child had to have an adult to paint with.  This gave me a helping hand but also hopefully created some special memories.  Katherine and Aubrey painted with their mothers and Brynlee painted with her grandmother.

I think the girls had a good time and I know I did!  They were really proud of their finished products!  I am hoping to do another "Mommy and Me" class sometime after school is out so check back often! Just click here to see all of the iLearn Center classes.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

4X12 Sale!!!

 It's that time of the year again!  It's getting close to the end of the school year!  It's always nice to show your appreciation to your teachers, principals, and all school staff members.  A great way to do that is with a custom canvas!

Any 4x12 canvas ordered between now and May 1 is marked down from $20.00 to just $12.00!  That's an awesome sale price!!  A $4.00 shipping fee (per order, not canvas!) will be added to all of you who are not local.

They're not just for teachers!  Spring is the main time of the year for weddings and babies.  The 4x12 is also perfect for graduates to take the dorm with them!

I chose these four favorites just to give you some ideas.  I am always up for your custom colors, fonts and designs.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Thanks!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Just Randomness...

 From now until the end of May, the Mansfield's are running crazy!  This is our busiest time of the year.  Being a teacher and a principal, allergies, teaching art classes, kids involved in lots of activities and sports, painting seems like it will never end.  Then June hits and nothing - haha!  We'll hang in there.
This little 5x5 just shipped out.  I love the gray, white, and black.  We're cat people, but I think it's such a cute idea!

My daughter recently gave up her crown as McMinnville's Snow Princess.  Here she is during the pageant with the reigning Miss Tennessee, Hayley Lewis.  They're both so pretty with all the blond and pink!  I'm so proud of her for having the guts to get up there on stage.  She was interviewed on stage and handled it like a pro.  I know a lot of people think pageants are all about the sparkle and superficial, but she's developed some wonderful people skills and is not afraid of the stage. 

This is probably my most popular design right now.  I guess I'm not the only one with a princess in the house!  I usually do this one with lime green dots in the background.  It was requested to do all pink.  Isn't it pretty?

My son is all about baseball right now.  Our county school doesn't have a baseball team.  He tried out for the Middle School's baseball team and plays for Junior Varsity and Varsity as a catcher.  We have games two days a week and practice all of the others.  It's a lot.  He works hard and I'm so proud of him, too!

Well, I'll come up for air in June:)!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sister Monograms

Navy, gray, and hot pink...what a fresh and modern color combination!

Mom saw this chevron design on my etsy shop and ordered this 10x10 for her daughter.  The colors were completely custom to match her decor.  The chevron is hot pink with gray trim and a navy monogram.  Very pretty!

Then mom decided to order one for the sister, too!  She wanted something that complimented the first one but was different.  We decided on polka dots.  I did the background in gray with navy blue dots and the monogram in hot pink.  This one has the dotted border as well.  

She's going to stand them on easels on a shelf.  They're going to look so good together!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Twin Lounge

I got this order for a large 18x24 canvas for two little girls.  They're lucky enough to have a playroom area that is being transformed into a lounge area for them to hankg out in as they grow up.

Their mom tells me that they are going to have a karaoke area!  How fun!  She wanted a bright and cheerful but cool design to accent the space.

The walls  are this gorgeous aqua blue color so it was used in the detailing to pull it all together.  The black, coral and lime with chevron and dots were all requested.  It fun and it!

I think every teenager in the neighborhood is going to be hanging out in this lounge!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Spring Break 2015

It is sort of a tradition for our children to choose a trip for their 10th birthday.  My son chose the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and my husband took him on a guy's trip.  My daughter chose New York City.   My sister, Emily, and I took her on a girl's trip over Spring Break.  She turned ten on Valentine's Day but we waited due to weather and school.
We started off the trip with the Harbor Lights tour around Manhattan and Ellis Island.  I highly recommend this as a great way to see everything lit up and to get lots of history and architectural information.

We were up and at it at the American Girl Place the next morning.  We had lunch reservations in their cafe.  Between that and the four floors of shopping, we spent the better part of our day there!

We did manage to squeeze in some culture and the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  There are so many many museums that it was hard to choose.  We settled on these two and were pleased.  The Natural History was mostly animals but the Met had a little of everything.  It was also laid out better.  I would go with the Met if you only had time for one!

Times Square is a loud, crazy lit up mess!  We did pass through and visit Dylan's Candy Bar and Toys 'R Us, but it really just wasn't our scene. your candy shopping for FAO Schwartz.  They have the same (and more!) candy that Dylan's does minus the insanity!

After a night to see the amazing "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theater, we went to the Dry Bar to get our a blow out before our flight home.  The perfect ending to a girl's trip!

NYC was an experience I'll never forget and one I'd recommend to any traveler.  Just remember that it is a ton of walking, a ton of traffic, and a ton of people.  Be aware, be cautious, and be patient!  I loved the city but won't be going back anytime soon.  I need color and open spaces!  The point of the trip was to fulfill a ten year old girl's wish.  Done.