Just Randomness...

 From now until the end of May, the Mansfield's are running crazy!  This is our busiest time of the year.  Being a teacher and a principal, allergies, teaching art classes, kids involved in lots of activities and sports, painting orders...it seems like it will never end.  Then June hits and nothing - haha!  We'll hang in there.
This little 5x5 just shipped out.  I love the gray, white, and black.  We're cat people, but I think it's such a cute idea!

My daughter recently gave up her crown as McMinnville's Snow Princess.  Here she is during the pageant with the reigning Miss Tennessee, Hayley Lewis.  They're both so pretty with all the blond and pink!  I'm so proud of her for having the guts to get up there on stage.  She was interviewed on stage and handled it like a pro.  I know a lot of people think pageants are all about the sparkle and superficial, but she's developed some wonderful people skills and is not afraid of the stage. 

This is probably my most popular design right now.  I guess I'm not the only one with a princess in the house!  I usually do this one with lime green dots in the background.  It was requested to do all pink.  Isn't it pretty?

My son is all about baseball right now.  Our county school doesn't have a baseball team.  He tried out for the Middle School's baseball team and plays for Junior Varsity and Varsity as a catcher.  We have games two days a week and practice all of the others.  It's a lot.  He works hard and I'm so proud of him, too!

Well, I'll come up for air in June:)!


The Yarbrough's said…
I love the new painting. That's cute. You always do a good job!!

Beautiful daughter. You have a reason to be proud. Hope your son goes far with baseball. :) Tell him to keep at it.