Appreciation Photos

Etsy has this cool feature that allows your customers to leave an appreciation photo.  This gives the artist an opportunity to see their work in action!  I love it!  Anytime I am really impressed with something I've purchased on etsy, I try to leave a photo or at least blog about that shop.  
 I've recently had two appreciation photos left for my etsy shop.  The first one was this quote ordered by Lyndsey for her maternity photo shoot.  I knew she needed by a certain date for this purpose and was so excited that she found the time to share the finished product.  This is a great idea and so cute!
I do have her permission to blog about it and share the photos with you all, too!  You can see the canvas when I first blogged about it here.

The second photo came from Heather who ordered this taupe and blue zebra print birth announcement canvas for her new son, Gavin.  I am always saying how great these canvases look in a wreath and here's proof!  I don't know where she got this wreath, but they go together perfectly!  Here's this canvas when I blogged about it earlier.

Whether you ordered from etsy, facebook, email, or Et Cetera, I would love to see your appreciation photos.  Your artwork in action helps others with their ideas and inspiration.  Plus, it just makes me happy!  Send them on in!


First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog today. Your blog is adorable, and I love love love your Etsy shop! I added you to my favorites. :)