Baby Boys

I've done two brown, cream, and blue birth announcements in the past month. Same colors...totally different looks. I love that they are both for boys. I don't get to paint for them very often!

This is a 6x9 canvas on top with a smaller 5x5 canvas attached at the bottom. You fill in all of the important information. A sharpie writes great on this sealed surface.

Here's the whole thing all together - it is so cute! They look great in the hospital and then in the nursery. This makes a great shower gift and personal keepsake.

So sweet! I just love painting for new babies!


anotherjennifer said…
These are great...and my son's name is Gavin! :)
Indeed, we need to pray for everything in life! Beautiful blog!


SHARM said…
This is beautiful...
Fire Wife said…
What a cute idea!

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