Sew Beautiful

I was perusing etsy (as I often do!) and found this outfit that I just fell in love with for Lauren. It turns out that the talented lady behind Cuddle Bug live right down the road in Murfreesboro. Yay! Not only was she close by, she was willing to make a trade. I love it when that happens!

April Voss was redoing her sewing room in aqua, pink, and brown. I had done this shabby chic tree before and she liked it. We made it more sewing room appropriate by changing the rosebuds to buttons. Talk about cute!

Here's a close up. I love this one and I love the thought of it hanging where April gets to be creative. Oh, I love the outfit, too! It was very well made and fit like a glove. If you are needing anything with ruffles, I recommend her etsy shop. She's got some really cute new summer sets up. I especially like the strawberry! Tell her I sent you!