Pretty Girls

Kayla Young ordered a couple of canvases for her daughters, Kaegan and Kaemey, and while back. Click here to see those. I am thrilled to report that she was so happy with them that she ordered some more!

She wanted a set of three with the initials to compliment the larger pieces.

I love all of the dots, the beautiful colors, and the whimsical animals. So cute!

Here's all three together in a grouping. Don't they look fabulous?

(photo from Pottery Barn Kids)

Here's the bedding they were designed to match. Love!


Pam said…
These are adorable. I love your work. Stopped by from SITS today.
Fire Wife said…
I should have never stopped on your blog, as now I want to buy these, and Dave Ramsey would never approve (it's not in the budget!). Neither would my husband.

LOL, beautiful work!

I'll just keep coming back until it IS in the budget, 'kay?