Birth Announcement

This is a brand new canvas idea brought to me by Rachel Harvey. Rachel is one of my very best customers and always has something new for me to try! I love hearing from her! This is a birth announcement canvas. The top canvas is 6x9 and has baby's name on it. The bottom canvas is 5x5 and has the date, time, weight, and length blanks for you to fill in. This will be so cute at the hospital and then in the nursery.

I think this is just so sweet! Here you can see the ribbon attaching the two. For those of you who are wondering, the canvas is sealed to protect it from water, dust, and scratches. However, you can easily write on it with a sharpie or other permanent marker.

This is Rachel second boy. She is reusing a lot of the same nursery items and colors. She wanted this one to coordinate with Weston's things but not be an exact match. Click here to see his artwork.
Thank you so much, Rachel! Congratulations!


Jennifer said…
LOVE this idea!!!